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Why Is Devil's Arithmetic A Good Way Of Portraying The Holocaust?

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In the beginning of the Devil's Arithmetic Hannah is on the very of becoming the normal average teenager of the 21st century, with a serious attitude and, with little to no appreciation for her family or religion. Throughout the innings in this movie there are several important mediums that occur. When the Jews are dehumanized by the Nazi's all that is left is hope, which requires them to take a leap of faith in order to keep themselves alive. Through the torment, pain and thriving survival theme in this story, these mediums really pop out such as the following reliability, quality of information, interest, and how it was presented are key details to the entire story and how it should be ...view middle of the document...

However it does show a possible outcomes of a somewhat realistic lifestyle of opportunities and ideas. Has a variety of different, but very detailed informational facts based on historical fiction. Seeming how the book is told in the third person point of view, which is perfect for this story in particular because as Hannah is sent back to relive or rather live through the holocaust, she starts to lose her memories of ever being in New York in the future, as her memories are clouded she starts to forget who she really is and was going to become in the future. The author tells it so well that the readers are able to see into the mind of Hannah, allowing for the story to be unaffected by Hannah's feelings of confusion, in which she experiences during the holocaust but get to hear from and see her side of the story from her perspective.
The book Devil's Arithmetic was full of adventure, hands-on action, and curiosity which led Hannah into trouble at times. Though I'm a very active person and love to always be going on the drop of a hatch, and also love fictional stories as well which is what kept me going allowing me to like this movie and story so much. Such as in the beginning when she tries to deny her family, lineage, customs and heritage. In which her attitude is forever changed and adjusted after her experience through the holocaust. Although her imagination of what it was really like in the holocaust was no longer fake and became her living reality, as well as her worst nightmare that came alive. Devil's arithmetic really caught my attention as it showed the foreshadowing of when Hannah was going to get tattooed, and then how she revolted against her family's traditions, showing poor ungrateful attitude towards her religion and family. At passover Hannah was asked to open the door to welcome Elijah in, and on her way to open it she traveled back in time and woke up in the body of a young girl who lived in Poland and died during her experience of the holocaust. Then she was given her tattoo she asked for, and realized how stupid and childish she had acted by even thinking about penetrating and damaging her body in such a way. Hannah learned some very valuable lessons about life and death as she got to experience the holocaust, she realized how grateful she should have been to be who she is, was, and will become.
Overall the presentation was very intense and seemly real that it was believable that some of these things could have happened, did well with showing some of the horrors that may have happened. The movie did a great job at telling Hannah's story in the movie but, all readers and movie watchers most know and almost all can agree the book usually outdoes the movie. While Hannah tells her story it shows the brutality of how Jews were being treated as well as some others, and how they are forcefully taken from their homes, striped of their identities , and treated like animals and points out that know one tried to put a stop to it...

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