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Why Is Dr.Watson Important To Sherlock Holmes

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The classic mystery novel, Sherlock Holmes, features a murder-mystery detective Sherlock Holmes, and his army doctor colleague Dr. John Watson. The story revolves around the main character, Sherlock Holmes, and his unique method to solving crimes. The story is mainly all about Sherlock and his abilities, which then rises the question about the importance of the character of Dr.Watson, both to the chaarcter of Sherlock Holmes, and towards the readers.

The first reason why Dr.Watson might be important to the character of Sherlock is because he makes Sherlock more “human”. If you have ever seen a Sherlock movie, or TV show, the first thing you would notice about Sherlock is his gigantic ego and shellfish attitude towards other people. He thinks highly of himself. And this is where Dr.Watson's character steps in. He teaches Sherlock to be a bit more humane, show a bit of emotion. Without the humane personality of Dr.Watson, ...view middle of the document...

Sherlock then commented on Dr.Watson's fine observation skills “An outside eye, a second opinion. It's very useful to me.” Sometimes Sherlock just makes it all so complicated, but it's actually pretty simple, in the eyes of a normal human. It also gives him entrance into the mind of the average human, so he would predict what would happen next, which is usually how he solves his cases.

Because we now know that Sherlock thinks highly of himself, we would not be seing Sherlock on a stakeout or observation mission. That is where Dr.Watson also plays a part in. Dr.Watson does the boring work for Sherlock. Dr.Watson would be guarding the door, or watching over the security cameras, meanwhile, Sherlock would be out doing the dangerous stuff such as breaking into a secret laboratory or going out in the woods at midnight. One example would be in the Sherlock BBC TV Show episode “The Hound of Baskerville”, when Sherlock asked Dr.Watson to watch over the house and the family, while Sherlock goes to investigate.

Dr.Watson does not only serve as a purpose towards Sherlock, but also towards the readers or audiences. Many may not notice this, but in the Sherlock BBC TV Show, Dr.Watson takes notes of the cases and posts them on his blog. So therefore, the Sherlock stories were written by Dr.Watson. Without Dr.Watson's notes or blog, there would not be a Sherlock Holmes story to be told.

Last but not least, Dr.Watson would be an important character towards the audience/readers, because Dr.Watson will explain in everyday english, what Sherlock is saying. Sherlock often talks to himself, and when he does figure a mystery out, he would just walk out the door and starts speaking is accelerated gibberish. An example would be in the Sherlock book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the one titled “ The Boscombe Valley Mystery”, out of the blue, Sherlock had already solved the case. Inspector Lestrade and Dr.Watson were all very puzzled, and i think the readers must be as well. Therefore, Dr.Watson then asked Sherlock how he had solved the case, and fromt there comes the long detailed explanation, that nobody else would figure out but Sherlock.

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