Why Is Drinking So Prominent Amongst Lawrence College Students?

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Why is drinking so prominent amongst Lawrence college students?The best way to answer this question is with a quote taken from several friends of mine. "Hey man, what is there to do in this town? Well, about the only thing to do is go to a party or go to a bar and get drunk, at least that's what everybody I know is doing tonight." That question was what I asked when I was new to this town and the answer was a quote I have received from almost everybody I asked and I'm sure that its been said more times than I can count. As long as I can remember the first thing associated with partying is drinking alcohol and at least ninety percent of everyone that I hang out with or know here in Lawrence drinks on a somewhat regular basis. By that I mean every Friday and Saturday night, and sometimes much more.I think we have all been brought up in a culture that promotes alcohol use as a good thing when used in moderation. Many people around the world drink but my question is: why is drinking so much more prominent among Lawrence college students? The answer I immediately came up with is drinking amongst college students is prominent because it is an easy way to release and it is historically connected with most forms of celebration.If you were like me when you were in high school you drank and went to parties because it was fun and a good way to meet people. But when I went to college everyone was suddenly a stranger again and it was time to branch out and find a new group of friends. So naturally I thought of the bars and house parties as the best way to meet people and make new friends. Another reason that drinking is so popular is because of its accessibility. Getting your hands on some beer is as easy as showing up to a party and buying a cup. Now for those people who didn't drink and party as much in high school they are really going to cut loose because now they are on their own without any parents to set and restrictions. And if that isn't enough there is plenty of peer pressure all around them to coerce them into making the decision to party. Overall I would say that Lawrence provides the perfect atmosphere for those who like to drink and party.After a few months of college your average student has been out and has done a reasonable amount of drinking. At first the problem was deciding what to go and do on Friday night but that slowly turned into just having to pick the place in which to drink. I think this is because drinking has been around for as long as we have. In Jesus' time it was customary to have wine with dinner, the Romans were know for their lavish celebrations after a victory, and the list goes on. I'm not saying its wrong to go out and enjoy yourself by any means, only that alcohol has been around for a long time and I can't name one person who doesn't know about alcohol.So its obvious that if you know about alcohol, you can get it easily, its what most people are doing, and its fun, then its going to quickly become a routine and the...

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