Why Is Edna Rebelling? Think About What She’s Rebelling Against As Well As What She’s Rebelling For English 201 Essay

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Everyone needs some sort of escape from their everyday life, for the Pontellier’s it was a summer getaway on Grand Isle; For someone who’s on vacation, Edna made a lot of life decisions. In the beginning of the novel “the Awakening” by Kate Chopin, Chopin led us to believe that Enda was happy in her marriage by miss leading the audience to believe enda marriage wasn't characterize it as accidental. Edna was your regular housewife, she did everything that was asked of her, but that wasn’t enough for her.
After the summer season ended, Enda returned to New Orleans with a discontent. She focused all her time on her paintings, so one day she can sell them. She was too focused on what she wanted, and neglected her household’s duties. On the day when she was supposed to receive callers, she took long solitary walks which reeled in her own company. (Toth 331). Failure to receive Tuesday night guests was a step forward in Edna's plan for self discovery. In the beginning, Enda was a happy housewife with a loving husband who sends her a “box, filled with friandises with luscious and toothsome bits” (8) but, Enda was forced to agree with the other housewives, when they said that, “Her husband was the best in the world” (8); those women don’t know what Enda faced behind closed door. Mr. Pontellier returned from “Klein hotel”(4), and woke Enda up from her sleep to check on Raoul their son, and accused Edna of not taking care of their kid because he was convinced that Raoul was having a fever. Enda realized that night after she ran out crying that her marriage was an accident, she doesn’t want to be in this marriage anymore. As of then her rebelling started little by little; She started to talk back to her husband. Enda decided that she was going to sleep outside, and that no one will change her mind. “Critics label Edna Pontellier as a radical feminist whose journey of awakening is one of woman reaching beyond the boundaries of masculine subjugation” (Williams, 54). I agree, throughout the novel Edna's goal was to be fully awakened both sexually and mentally. Enda wants freedom from her marriage and her kids. Her first decision towards this goal was to become an artist. But that wasn’t enough for her, She wanted to be free from her marriage and her kids, free from everyone and everything that’s holding her down. She wants to be able to do as she pleased, when she pleased, and how she pleased, without anyone's stopping her. The thought of becoming an artist was the first time she was awake and tasted freedom, and that takes her to the next step of her awakening.
Afterwards Enda“ learns that she cannot be both a sexual person and a successful person.” (Bogard, 2). One can argue that in the process of Edna's awakening, that leaving her husband was the only way she can be fully be awakened. The only way Enda can define herself was to cast herself aside from social norms, and to break away all the “creole religious custom” (Bogard, 6). Enda refused to live...

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