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Why Is Gambling Bad Essay

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Gambling addiction or compulsive gambling is a worldwide problem that many people suffer from and it can strain relationships, interfere with work, and lead to financial problems. Some people may do things they never thought they would do, such as stealing, just so they could keep on gambling. Many people think that they cannot stop, but with the right help they can regain control of their life. Compulsive gamblers keep gambling weather they are having a good day or bad day, this is one of the main reasons why they end up going bankrupt.
Gambling may not be a bad thing when gambling under control. But when it starts affecting things such as your financial situation, free time and work, this is when it is considered a problem. Unhappy feelings like depression and stress can lead to compulsive gambling or even make it worse. The reason that this happens is because people need to release their stress or depression, and for many the thing to do that is gambling. But what they do not realize is that there are safer ways to release stress such as meditating and exercising.
Finding out if someone has a gambling problem is not always easy. Sometimes it is called the hidden illness because there are no obvious physical signs, as opposed to addiction to alcohol or drugs. But one way to tell is that these people will usually deny the fact that they have a problem. They will also do almost anything that they can to hide the problem. another way to tell is if they are not around as often as normally and if they lie about where they have been or where they are going.

Although it is not an extremely easy thing to stop doing, it is possible. But not all gamblers are the same so for some, it may be harder or easier to stop depending on how much they are into it and how long they have been doing it. One way that has been proven to work very well is gamblers anonymous. It is a twelve step program that is very similar to the alcohol twelve step programs, but the steps have been tailored to the needs of a compulsive gambler. But one of the main things about the twelve step program is that it requires choosing a sponsor that use to have a gambling problem but is now over it to help you through it and motivate you.
One of the main problems that problem gamblers have when try to quit is quitting for good. While quitting may be doable, it’s this that often trips many people up. A way of helping this is by surrounding himself with family and friends, reminding them of their family and what they would want. it is also helpful to many to find other replacements to gambling. Even avoiding tempting environments is found useful in quitting gambling.
Gambling cravings have a heavy impact on solving the problem of gambling. Some find it easy to replace gambling with other activities such as go karting or rock wall climbing. The reason that these are good substitutes is because they fix the problem of adrenaline. many gamblers feel a rush when...

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