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Why Is Human Interaction Important? Essay

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Archetypes are defined as “the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies”. (Webster) In The Sound of Waves Yukio Mishima develops archetypal characters that interact with one another to develop the allegorical nature of his novel. The novel The Sound of Waves was published in 1984. Before there can be a deeper understanding of this text and it’s allegorical nature it is necessary to know who and what are the archetypal characters in this novel. First, the major characters need to be known. Then, the minor characters that enhance the plot need to be analyzed. Next, there needs to be an understanding of why archetypal characters tend to interact in a certain way. Finally, we should be able to come to a deeper understanding of the text because: we know whom the archetypal characters are and why they tend to interact with one another in a certain fashion.
Who and what are the archetypes in the novel? Most of the main characters in the novel are archetypal characters and the minor archetypal characters are present in order to enhance the plot. “What a grand feeling it was to be able to do this to a girl and yet be sure that she could never tell anyone about it!” (Mishima 92) This quote is a thought that appears in Yasuo’s mind as he is trying unsuccessfully to rape Hatsue. This quote shows the villain tendencies that Yasuo has. In other words, the fact that he thinks like this shows that something bas was bound to happen. “In an instant, taking advantage of her trustfulness Yasuo snatched her by the right wrist.” (Mishima 91) This occurred when Hatsue was at the stream at 2 a.m. and Yasuo was waiting for her. This shows that Yasuo is a predator he waits until he sees any weakness then immediately tries to exploit that weakness. “It’s bad for now. Because I’ve decided it’s you I’m going to marry, and until I do, it’s really bad.” (Mishima 77) They were at the Observatory on a rainy day and they were about to have sex but Hatsue decided that it was wrong and that they shouldn’t. This shows that Hatsue decided that it was wrong. This shows that Hatsue and Shinji are soul mates; no other man would have stopped, but Shinji loves Hatsue and he respects her. Without this detail being the backbone and the catalyst for future events the story would not have ended the same. “She explained that she simply couldn’t support her family any longer if her son’s graduation were postponed.” (Mishima 9) This quote was from chapter 1 and Shinji was explaining why he had such great gratitude towards the Lighthouse Keeper. This quote shows that Shinji has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as the main caregiver for his family. Yasuo, Shinji, and Hatsue are the main characters of this novel.
Minor archetypal characters exist to throw a wrench under the tire and shake up the story a bit. “Rote memorization was Chiyoko’s forte, even the professor’s sneezes were recorded in her notes.” (Mishima 79) This was right...

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