Why Is International Action Needed To Reduce Deforestation St Johns Essay

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Explain why international action is needed to reduce levels of deforestation?
International action is needed to reduce levels of deforestation because more and
more countries are realising that if the tropical rainforest is to have a future, it needs
concerted international programmes. The United Nations has a number of
international programmes. There are also some important international treaties.
Firstly, international action is needed because developing countries want to use the
forests in an unsustainable way. The United Nations on reducing emissions from
deforestation and forest degradation deals with a wide range of pressuring issues and
use a variety of strategies. This international programme is needed because it it
provides guidance on how best to design and implement strategies to ensure that
forests continue to provide multiple benefits for livelihoods and biodiversity. This
programme also gives international funding to support LICs eg: rich countries rewards
LICs for reducing deforestation.
Secondly destruction of forests is a global concern so it impacts all countries around
the world. So to reduce deforestation it needs a global approach. If there isn't
international action then it will be harder and less successful to reduce deforestation
if only one country is trying to tackle this problem. For...

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