Why Is It Fabulous To Know One Thing About Everything?

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After reading the Freire’s and Foer’s articles, I stopped for a second and thought, some concepts in the world that I think is planned, while some do not, to achieve certain goals is a reality. Meaning, most of the concept that people apply in any field are justified and backed up with reasons. Convention has to take place. These reasons could be set up from people who are in charge of the educational or the political system. One of these systems is demanding the public to think and act in the best interest of itself. Of course, the interests could vary. Thus, the factor that helps these systems to do their job is the human’s nature of mind. The simplest form to describe it is to say this ...view middle of the document...

When you think about anything, your brain will start catching any information that is related some how to whatever you are thinking about. In the example of buying a car, the car that you were wondering to buy is everywhere you go to, but your brain was treating this information as something to discard from your attention. This exact event happened to me in the past. When I was studying in high school, I had a 1997 C200 Mercedes-Benz. This car was annoying me and my father in terms of service. Each three to six months, the car has to go to the shop for minor fixes and sometimes for major ones. Thus, we thought about changing the car. When I decided to buy a Honda Accord, I began to see it all the time. It was like a crazy thing. After that, every street that I drive in I sees at least two Accords. Therefore, my brain was filtering the image of seeing Accords as unimportant thing, but after thinking about the car, everything that has a relationship to it was filtered as something to be memorized.
The banking and the problem-posing concepts that Freire mentioned are taking advantage of the frequency illusion. In other words, even when it seems that the banking concept is something that not recommended and the problem posing as something that encouraged in learning, both can be used fulfill one thought. The banking concept works to make people like an information container. While the problem posing concept is trying to encourage people to ask about things to discover their nature. Nonetheless, the keys that make them take an advantage of the frequency illusion are that both can derive the knowledge or the questions to their own benefits. Of course, it is more likely to happen with the banking concept.
One implication to clarify how the banking concept prevents people from knowing a lot of knowledge is by filling all of their time learning everything about one thing. The best example that I could find is how I was taught biology in high school. The curriculum was the heaviest subject at that time. The goal is to teach the student as much as it can about the biology of human body. To illustrate that, the curriculum would teach the student from the human organs to the how the cells operate. In particular, studying it at the microscopic level. Even more, when the teacher thought that he would do us a favor by making summary for the curriculum. The summary was a hundred and eighty pages log, by the way it was single-spaced. Thus, you can image how the teacher made us like a containers of detailed biology information. This is also the perfect example of banking concept when it tries to fill people with information like containers.
You would think that there is no instance of how the problem posing concept waist people time learning everything about one thing, if yes, you are wrong. Problem posing concept could help worsen the outcomes that it is trying to solve in the first place. Science is the most moderate language that could fall in the net of...

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