Why Is Life Valuable? Essay

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Why is Life Valuable?
You can ask anyone “Why is life valuable?” And the answer to that question would always be something different and in some cases, slightly the same. This is because everyone has a different perspective on life and their very definition of it depends on what they think is right. Whether it is wealth and fame, or love and happiness, my answer to the question is whatever you make of it.
Some people can value life by giving it purpose just as Mattie Stepanek did in “What Is The Value Of A Life?” an article by Lynne Soraya. Some people can value life by affecting others positively, Mattie said, “People tell me I inspire them. And that inspires me. It’s a beautiful ...view middle of the document...

Aron said this about his life and death experience: “one of the things that really drove me was my connection to my loved ones.” It’s certain to me that some people would actually have to experience some sort of life and death situation in order to find value in life and that our life is affected by others around us.
Just as the world is not perfect and we do not live in a utopian society, there are many other reasons to people valuing their life. Some seek renown, some live based on materialism, and some find joy and happiness in affecting others positively. The point is to find purpose in life so it is made valuable and with these reasons it means our life is what we make of it. Whether it is ambition that drives us to be rich and live a fancy life filled with fancy cars or shaping other people’s lives. In Hamlet’s soliloquy, he coins the phenomenal phrase: “To be, or not to be-that is the question…” meaning whether we shall live our life or to end it. He describes how life is just a long road of hardships filled with obstacles and that suicide is a very simple option to avoid this...

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