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Why Is Marijuana Against The Law?

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“Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?”
― Bill Hicks

Weed. Mary Jane. Pot. Marijuana. Grass. Dope. Cannabis. As the world progresses, particularly in the United States people tend to be more socially acceptable of taboos that would have been widely looked down upon many years ago. One of these taboos is marijuana. Today, we not only see Marijuana as socially accepting, but morally as well. As my generation grows older, the use of marijuana becomes more apparent in society. States even begin to legalize the drug. As more states legalize, more people cheer for the cause. ...view middle of the document...

“it slows down time for me makes me think twice about things”

When looking at what marijuana does to the body, it alters the physical and physiological effects on the individual. According to a website called Norml which talks about what this plant does to the body explains that It alters the Limbic system which controls emotion, behavior, motivation, long term memory, sense of smell, and time. (NORML.ORG)

“it takes away my emotions it takes away anything that i am worried about”

The Catholic Church also teaches the seven deadly sins, one of them being sloth. Marijuana is an addictive substance which can over time result of a lack of motivation leading to laziness. Pope Benedict VVI speaks that, “we were not to be lazy sloths, we are made of greatness.” The Catholic tradition aims to stray away from substances and obstacles that pull us away from God. By letting marijuana into the body’s system we are ultimately destroying what God has created.

“Marijuana is the the third most popular recreational drug in the United states,” stated in the NORML article. Societies viewpoints tend to stand on two opposite extremes. In some states, the drug is becoming legalized for medical purposes. In other states, the drug is just become legalized for the purpose of being openly consumed, marketed and sold. The other viewpoint blames this drug for the rate of crime, poverty, and unemployment rising. Some people also fear that although the drug doesn’t directly lead to death, it is the gateway to harsher drugs making the legalization and use immoral.

“smoke compels you to smoke so even though nobody is actually calling you lame you are...

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