Why Is Plasma Tv Are Better Than Lcd And Led

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Why is plasma TV are better than LCD and LED

Why is plasma TV are better than LCD and LED?

Plasma TVs are on the cutting edge of technology, but most of their appeal lies in its style rather than substance.

On the one hand Plasma TVs offer "hang-on-the-wall" desirability consumers have been promised since the invention of television. Plasma television technology also contributes to its lighter weight, extremely wide viewing angle, and ability to provide a consistently focused, color accurate, and properly proportioned image no matter where on the screen you are looking.

On the other hand, full 1080p Plasma Televisions can be expensive. A rear projection 1080p capable DLP television is much less expensive, when comparing the same size screen. In addition, there are very few Plasma televisions available is screen sizes larger than 65 inches.

Working of plasma tv

A panel typically has millions of tiny cells in compartmentalized space between two panels of glass. These compartments, or "bulbs" or "cells", hold a mixture of noble gases and a minuscule amount of mercury. Just as in the fluorescent lamps over an office desk, when the mercury is vaporized and a voltage is applied across the cell, the gas in the cells form a plasma. With flow of electricity (electrons), some of the electrons strike mercury particles as the electrons move through the plasma, momentarily increasing the energy level of the molecule until the excess energy is shed. Mercury sheds the energy as ultraviolet (UV) photons. The UV photons then strike phosphor that is painted on the inside of the cell. When the UV photon strikes a phosphor molecule, it momentarily raises the energy level of an outer orbit electron in the phosphor molecule, moving the electron from a stable to an unstable state; the electron then sheds the excess energy as a photon at a lower energy level than UV light; the lower energy photons are mostly in the infrared range but about 40% are in the visible light range. Thus the input energy is shed as mostly heat (infrared) but also as visible light. Depending on the phosphors used, different colors of visible light can be achieved. Each pixel in a plasma display is made up of three cells comprising the primary colors of visible light. Varying the voltage of the signals to the cells thus allows different perceived colors.

A plasma display panel is an array of hundreds of thousands of small, luminous cells positioned between two plates of glass. Each cell is essentially a tiny neon lamp filled with rarefied neon, xenon, and other inert gases; the cells are luminous when they are electrified through "electrodes".[22][23]

The long electrodes are stripes of electrically conducting material that also lie between the glass plates, in front of and behind the cells. The "address electrodes" sit behind the cells, along the rear glass plate, and can be opaque. The transparent display electrodes are...

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