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Why Is Retouching Photographs Necessary? Essay

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Manipulating photographs have been around for years, but it has been increasingly more controversial in recent times. Celebrities and models are retouched in various forms—photographs, online advertisements, magazines, and more. There are more forms of advertisements today than ever before. Technology is becoming more and more advanced. With more advanced technology come more consumers, ranging in all ages. Younger generations are becoming more acquainted with new gadgets today. They are likely to be exposed to retouched photographs from online advertisements. Many models in these photographs are often retouched in such a way that negatively influences consumers, teenagers and young adults today. There should be rules and limitations for retouching digital photographs to decrease the amount of pressure and manipulation to society.
Photographers have the freedom to express their artistry to their audience. According to Cornell University Law School, they are allowed to exercise “the freedom of speech, or of the press.” By no means should retouching photographs should be illegal, but photographers should consider reducing the amount of retouching in images. Retouched photographs can greatly influence many teenagers and young adults on what they should and should not look like. By limiting retouching and applying standards to certain types of photographs, society is less likely to feel doubtful of their appearance. For example, excessively manipulating an image of a well-known celebrity such as Lady Gaga can greatly pressure many young women’s perception of beauty. Flawless skin, a disproportionate body shape, and a slim body are hard to come by to this day and age. Even celebrities feel the anxiety to be perfect and thin because they are viewed as role models to many citizens today. Tabloids are constantly pressuring them to be slim or muscular and making fun of anyone who is not.
There are many reasons that photographs are altered. Many images will be retouched so the model will look “normal” and exude confidence. This then influences their audience that the retouched model’s figure is the ideal slenderness. In most cases, the model’s figure looks flawless yet distorted. Photographers may believe they are making their models look beautiful, but this can cause low self-esteem to not only models, but many others who idolize their retouched bodies. Photographers also change images for the benefit of advertisements for name brand companies. Many consumers ranging in all ages browse online for clothing and will notice a difference from the model’s body versus the average person’s body. These images are creating a new standard of a typical person. Consumers may believe that these bodies look healthy, yet in reality, they are unreal and nearly impossible to attain. Editors for fashion companies will manipulate a body in such a way that makes the clothing look alluring. This causes many problems among today’s society. By setting a standard for image...

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