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Why Is Social Studies Important In Education?

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I have to think back through over two decades to think of my high school years, many memories have come and gone. I often have difficulties remembering teachers, even the good ones are often prove difficult to recall. What I do remember vividly is certain classes and the activities we did together as a class. Many of the "core" classes such as Math and English were boring and the same material provided in the same manner over the course of the academic year. Rarely did you move from your desk in these classes, fixated in your desk for 55 minutes, catching glimpses of the clock as each tedious minute passed, often questioning the working of the clock itself. The highlight of many of my high school years was the "hands on" learning we received in our Social Studies. These were the classes where you actually were engaged by the teachers, reliving history and government through activities and group discussions. Today, where Social Studies is often looked upon as the "other class", a greater dependency on social interaction has been focused on the youth of today, that is why Social Studies is an important part of the curriculum today.The first important part of Social Studies is the purpose of understanding human interaction, whether is happened 100 years ago, yesterday or will probably happen tomorrow. History, and the human interactions that took place, inevitably cast a light for the youth of today to build a moral base. Today's households have changed in that parental guidance is often a misconceived notion. Morals and values, while an integral part of the American household, seem to have come at the cost of securing a better future. I grew up in a household where hard work and respect were not options, they were thrust upon me along with a shrewd glare and a constant reminder of what the "other option" was. That being said, I am often dumbfounded when I encounter teenagers and their seemingly discontent for any type of authority. Social Studies of course are not the answer, however, in a solid curriculum beginning at an early age, it can be a learning course centered on the building of morals and values. It would be naïve to regard this as the only solution to a moral base, but then again morals and values change us over the course of a whole lifetime not just a four-year stint through high school.To elaborate on the idea of understanding Social Studies, the key is the actual understanding of ideals. In other classes, learning is what is emphasized, but in my opinion there is a huge difference between learning and...

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