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Why Is Strategic Recruitment Critical To The Success Of An Organization: Case Analysis

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Case Analysis: Interviewing, Hiring, and Selection
Raymond Buckingham
Kaplan University

Why is Strategic Recruitment critical to the success of an organization in meeting its goals and mission?
Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc.
Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. is an executive search firm whose primary business model is strategic recruitment for high level executive placement for clients. Companies will need to have skilled and trained personnel that are high level performers so the business can meet goals and missions. Company’s need to recruit good employees and have them be the best possible candidate for the organization’s needs. This is where executive search ...view middle of the document...

Also with the improved technology aided searches there has be an increase in the number new executive search companies that have started. The focus of senior level executive placements and keeping the mid-level executive searches was the path the firm wanted to pursue.
Employee focuses
Heidrick & Struggle International, Inc. employees compensation matrix was a reasonable base salary but with the transparent formula that had two primary elements that considered “amount of business originated” and “amount of business executed” the consultants earning potential was very high (Eccles, Lane, 2008). The transparency of the system was a drawing fact for a lot of high performing young consultants from competing firms. Heidrick’s consultant compensation plan had caused an opportunistic and market driven group that did not a clear strategic focus. Encouraging buy-in from employees will ensure that they are aligned with the company’s goal and are on the same path. Employees that are passionate and driven are a more productive.
Strategic change
Kelly wanted to change the current process for Heidrick & Struggle International, Inc. to improve the stability of key accounts and more focused on the client’s needs as a whole. partnering with Microsoft and be the exclusive job search engine for Microsoft showed Kelly the reality of the growing threat of new participants in the employee search market. Many in Heidrick believed the focus should not be distracted from the core of their business the senior level search even though the demographics has changed in many of the firms markets such as Japan and the United States. Heidrick & Struggle International, Inc. embraced and invested in internet technologies and software to appeal to more online clients. The firm partnered with a China Human Resources Consulting to increase their internet search business. The strategic changes were implemented for Heidrick to improve revenues and recruitment abilities while lowering cost on initial searches executive level placements.

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