Why Is The Voter Id List More Important Than Epic?

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Every democracy has a different way of functioning. In some nation, the power is with the President whereas in some the Prime Minister has to do the job. Some have a small population on the flip side some democracies are brimming with overpopulation. Whatever the infrastructure and conditions be, the very fundamental idea of a Democracy stays strong and same. This idea is that of Elections and that too free and fair elections.

For the World's largest democracy and our nation, there are a few obstacles. One of the main reasons for these obstacles is the ever increasing population. A very high population poses problems like:-

Difficulty in creating awareness amongst all the citizens about the Voter ID Lists and EPICs.
Higher chances of forgery and tampering with the Voter ID List and Election Card.
Difficulty in creating an efficient mechanism for Voter Registration of a large proportion of people.
Chaos during the election days.
Distribution of Election Cards to all those who are registered.
Maintaining the ever so dynamic Voter ID Lists which need to be revised every now and then.

Although a high population does pose the above mentioned problems but the Election Commission does indeed try its best to counters such obstacles and hence maintain the Voter ID Card Registration and Voting infrastructure with some degree of efficiency.

What are the achievements of ECI in this respect.

The Election Commission of India has a couple feathers in its cap as far as the Voter ID List maintenance is concerned. For keeping these Voters' Lists up-to-date, the ECI organizes Voter Registration Drives every now and then in various states. These drives not only catalyzes the process of new voter registration but also checks dynamics of the Voter ID Lists. These dynamics could be defined as the high number of names that need to be included or removed from these lists. This maintenance of Voter ID Lists is highly important because updated lists lead to lower cases of evils like bogus voting and forgery of Voter Identities.

The creation and availability of Voter ID Card Forms over the internet i.e the creation of Voter ID Card Online is another achievement of the Election Commission of India with respect to the obstacle of a high population. With the availability of Voter ID Card forms over the Internet, there is a reduced pressure on physical resources because of...

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