Why Is Tyranny Of The Majority Worse Than Tyranny Of The Government Political Science Short Essay

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Sara Reyes
In the book ​On Liberty, ​John Stuart Mill, he emphasizes the importance of
individuality, which he conceives as the highest pleasures of the utilitarianism, and
establishes standards for the relationship between authority and freedom. He
undertakes a historical review on liberty in the beginning of ancient Rome and Greece
and proceeding to England. In the past, freedom meant protection from tyranny. Over
time freedom has changed so much that now people are seen as servants of the people
rather than masters. He argues that tyranny of the majority is worse than they tyranny of
the Government. Tyranny of the majority was at first, and still is profanely, held in fear,
predominantly as working through the acts of the public authorities. Yet, reflecting when
people perceive that society, it’s itself the tyrant—society; all things considered over the
different people who form it—its methods for tyrannizing are not limited to the acts
which it might do by the hands of its political functionaries (ch.1). Society can and does
execute its own particular mandates; and in the event that it issues wrong commands
rather than right, or any orders whatsoever in things with which it ought not to meddle. It
executes a social oppression more impressive than numerous sorts of political
persecution; since, though not for the most part maintained by such extreme
punishments, it leaves less ways to get out, infiltrating considerably more profoundly
into the points of interest of life, and subjugating the spirit itself (ch.1). Mills stated on
chapter 1, there has to be “Protection against the tyranny of the prevailing opinion and
feelings”(ch.1). In his view, tyranny of the government has to be controlled by the liberty
of the citizens. This control is divided into two mechanisms...

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