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Why Is Understanding The Service User's Point Of View Important In Health Care, And What Can Be Done To Take This Point Of View Into Account? Discuss With Reference To Diabetes Care.

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The term 'service user' has been widely adopted to identify the person receiving care.It highlights the idea of a 'service' being 'done' to you rather than just passively receiving it. To be effective, health care needs to take into account the service user viewpoint.In chapter 2 (Unit 2 pp. 77-86), we have carried on looking at Anwar's story.Anwar is a 54 years old grocer migrated from Pakistan to the Midlands in UK, suffering diabetes.Living with any long-term illness can be challenging. The service user may encounter lots of different obstacles that can be detrimental to the efficacy of ones care.In Anwar's story we can see his struggles to follow the guidelines given from Nurse Richards.Patients suffering from diabetes are normally advised to increase their physical activities and to eat a healthy diet.Anwar told Nurse Richards that he found it hard to follow the diet and exercise guidelines because they did not match with his cultural background. Also Anwar's wife cannot read English and could not follow the diet plan given to Anwar. For those reasons Anwar diabetes was getting worse.In a study made by Julia Lawton and her associates (Julia Lawton and associates 2006, Resource 2 pp.13-17), the Pakistani and South Asians were more at risk of diabetes than the general population. In fact the disease was at least four times more common among South Asians living in Britain than in the general population.This study suggests that there is a poor level of diabetes knowledge within the South Asian patients. This could be due to a number of factors, as the study explained:-Language barriers;-Different diet due to the culture being different;-Lack of physical exercise due to cultural taboos about exposing the bodies to the opposite gender and time constraints.This study explore how Pakistani and Indian patients feels about their diabetes and about the services they receive.To be effective health care needs to look into these cultural barriers and take into account the diversity of service user's backgrounds.Health care professionals should be trained to cultural awareness. Clear and consistent messages need to be given regarding appropriate dietary changes for South Asians.Alongside there is a need to promote physical activities; culturally sensitive services need to be provided including single-sex sessions with same-sex instructors and supervisors at swimming pools and leisure centres.Educational materials need to be developed for South Asians and provision would need to be made for those that are illiterate such as videos and oral aids.To help with the language barriers, the recruitment of local linkworkers speaking same language would provide a bridge between patients and service providers and that would also enable patients to access culturally appropriate advice.Despite all his best efforts and the help from the diabetes specialist Nurse Richards, Anwar condition worsened over the following months and eventually Anwar was prescribed insulin...

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