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Assessment 2:
Question 1: Why is it important to me as a tertiary learner to use credible sources in my academic research and writing?
Being a student in the digital age can be a blessing but also a burden in regard to finding information that is credible and reliable. More information is becoming readily available as nearly anyone can publish online, which can raise many issues for those who are wanting to find credible information to support their studies (Metzger, 2017).

Luckily there are resources that students can use to help them determine if the information they have found is credible. In Metzger’s study, he identifies five key criteria to determine whether a source is credible, and therefore whether it is appropriate to use in your academic writing. It allows the reader to determine authorship, establishing who the writer is, the reason the material was written and how the material was developed (Metzger, 2017). From this the reader can determine whether the information can be used to support their own academic writing.

One of the main reasons students should use credible resources is to upkeep academic integrity. This is a fundamental practice which entails honest presentation of all academic information produced, in the means of acknowledging the work of others that is used to support your own work. It also ensures all that you have written is done so in your own words (Weil, 2015). Whilst also developing your own insights, knowledge and ideas (Swinburne Online, n.d.).

Another element of Academic integrity is to not plagiarise, meaning not to present another person's work as your own (Swinburne Online, n.d.). As noted in the article The write stuff: academic essay writing is a skill worth acquiring, Burns explains that to do well in your academic studies you must include relevant examples, evidence to support your work and information from credible sources (Burns, 2008). Therefore, it is important for any tertiary learner to use credible sources to support their research and writing, and to also ensure they are citing and referencing so their teachers can ensure the information provided is credible and not plagiarised.

Question 2: Why is it or will it be important to me in my career to use credible sources in my professional research and writing?

No matter what career path we take, majority of people all want the same thing; to succeed. By using credible sources you are ensuring your work is current, accurate and objective (Metzger, 2007). In this day and age almost anyone can publish on the internet, therefore it is important to use sources which are written by someone who has qualifications, experience and education, otherwise this could damage the integrity of your career (Morgan, 2017).

An example to show how K. Morgan is a credible author, you can find information at the end of her article stating she holds a Bachelor and Masters in professional writing, that her work has been published in online and print...

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