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Why It Is Not Fake Essay

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I attended John Edwin May’s speech about wrestling. I was excited to attend this speech, because growing up I idolized many of the wrestlers on television. I was expecting to learn some new and interesting facts. Sadly there was nothing spectacular about this speech, at least nothing I did not already know. Although he did have some interesting stories, I felt like he could have been better organized, used his power point for us not himself, and used better eye contact.
The speaker did not use an attention grabber; he introduced himself and began to speak his topic. Although, he did finally use one, about ten minutes into his speech. If he would have started his speech with this brilliant ...view middle of the document...

In my opinion, the speech made no sense and followed no outline. The speaker began his speech with a dull title and no attention grabber was too late. I never knew what part of the speech he was on. During his introduction he just stated his topic and title, but no thesis and no preview of main points; because of the poor organization of his introduction, I was lost from the beginning. To me the only thing that kept this speech interesting was the pictures and the stories associated with them. Sadly, this was also an issue; it made his speech seem more like your grandmother and grandfather showing a slide show than a speech. I was unclear if his speech was an informative, persuasive, or entertainment. If I had to guess it would be an entertainment style speech. Which I am unfamiliar with and his speech at that point could make sense. Organizing a speech is probably the most important thing you should do while preparing your speech. It will not only help you outline your speech, but will also help when you give your speech orally. Organization is vital so you get your point across with ease and as little confusion as possible. (110-117)
Overall, the speaker did a great job with physical movement. Like any person that is not a professional at giving speeches he needs some work. Eye contact was great while telling stories related to his pictures, but needs work while in between stories. Although he had a computer monitor in front of him, he insisted on looking at the projector screen and breaking eye contact to do so. His gestures were top notch; he was very active with his hands and facial features. His movement well was nonexistent; he never left from behind the lectern, in my opinion this did not impact his speech either way. I believe he was able to overcome not moving by using a good strong voice and portraying confidence that way. In our book it goes over eye contact, gestures, movement, and voice. Each of these is a significant part of delivering a speech, and failing to deliver one effectively can cause damage to your speech.
Eye contact is very essential to reading and understanding your audience’s feelings. If you fail to make eye contact you can miss some crucial clues to how your audience is accepting your speech. You should maintain eye contact at least 85 percent of the time while giving a speech. Although it is okay to look down occasionally to skim through notes or to locate the source, you should refrain from breaking eye contact for too long. (208-209)
Gestures are a great way to emphasize your thoughts and opinions. Although you may want to plan and practice your hand gestures it is important you do not. Practicing hand gestures is not necessary, because while you speak the gestures will come naturally. It may be tempting to rest your hands on your side, behind you, or in your pocket you should refrain from that. It can cause your...

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