Why It Is Okay To Live Off Of Animals

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Being in a family that hunts and growing up on hot dogs and hamburgers, it becomes hard to understand why people don’t believe in living off animals. Whether their reasons be related to animal cruelty or God. Over the past hundreds of years humans have become dependent on animals in a way that is vital to our way of living. I do not see how it is healthy to not take in these needed nutrients that people get from animals or animal byproducts.
Hunting animals has been a part of human society for hundreds of years and has been a very acceptable thing. Until recent years no one has had a problem with it. Now a day, people question the point in tracking and killing animals. Hunting deer, for ...view middle of the document...

Imagine a world where babies do not drink milk or formula. Milk has been proven to be an important part of human development. I once read an article where an archeologists and scientists discovered an animal skull from thousands of years ago and indicated that humans had been eating said animal. Not only that they ate them, but scientists proven that the vitamins and nutrients from eating these animals from such an early age in our evolution, helped human to grow as strong of brains as we do today. So without the eating of meat, we would not be the species we are today.
Some people might be against eating meat because of the way a lot of meat or animal byproducts are mass produced. People do not like the fact that when producing milk, they deliberately get cows pregnant to fill them up with milk, and then hook them to machines that suck the milk out of them. Some do not like the fact that when producing eggs, they feed chickens hormones to make them produce more. People who do not accept hunting believe it is animal cruelty to gun down an animal. To make veal they inject cows with hormones to get pregnant faster and then when the baby is born, it is yanked from its mother and processed. Mass produced meat has a lot of hormones in it and people are afraid of the rate kids are developing now a days because...

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