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Why Jhonny Cade Should Or Should Not Be Tried For Murder

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Ernest Hemingway once said, “All things truly wicked start from innocence.” This quote is relevant to the story, The Outsiders, because sixteen year old Johnny Cade is considered innocent. Johnny is still considered innocent because he is not yet an adult. Another reason he might be believed innocent is because he is quiet, small for his age, and the pet of a group called ‘The Greasers’. However, his conceived innocence is soon diluted not by adulthood, but the truly wicked act of murder. He and Ponyboy Curtis were running away when some guys from another group called ‘The Socs’ stopped them and were going to beat them up. Johnny ended the impending fight quickly by stabbing Bob Sheldon, one of the Socs, in the back because he had told David to drown Ponyboy. During this paper our group proves our verdict, innocent.

As juror number one, I had to research why Johnny should, or should not be tried for the murder of Bob Sheldon, the Soc. I also had to research murder among teens and what happened during the killing of Bob Sheldon. During my research, I found that murder was considered a premeditated killing, and I also found that Johnny can only be tried for murder in Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina because of his age. Johnny was planning on saving, Ponyboy Curtis, who at the time was being drowned by David, the Soc Bob had told him to “give Ponyboy a bath.” In trying to save Ponyboy he pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed Bob Sheldon in the back therefore causing David to release Ponyboy and flee the scene. After finding that information I also found that Bob Sheldon and his group of friends had stopped their car on The Greasers side of town and got out to show them a lesson for taking out their girls. They were going to jump Johnny and Ponyboy the youngest and the smallest of The Greasers gang. Johnny needed a way to defend himself so he pulled out the knife in a last resort. After he saved Ponyboy he then realized that he had killed Bob Sheldon. states “All states have in place judicial mechanisms through which certain juvenile offenders may be tried as adults in the criminal system.” Almost every state has a judicial waiver that gives judicial judges the authority to move a case to criminal court.

As Juror number two, I had to presume Johnny killed Bob Sheldon as a form of self-defense. I had to research the difference between murder and self-defense. I also researched similar cases to Johnny’s and then decided if self-defense was enough reason to kill someone. During my research I found that self-defense, in criminal law, is alleged that the defendant used serious force to protect themselves where they believed there was no other escape from great amounts of bodily harm, or death. In my opinion self-defense is a good reason to kill someone. For example, in Johnny’s situation with older and bigger guys jumping him and Ponyboy, there was really no other choice because they were drowning Ponyboy...

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