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Why Junk Food Ads Should Not Be Banned

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The government has tried and tried to take away our basic rights, hide stuff from us, and are now trying to ban junk food and fast food commercials? I think junk food commercials should not be banned because the government should not have the power the sensor what we watch. It is discrimination towards the companies that pay to put their product on television but no longer can because they are blamed for the nation’s problems. Finally it would take away jobs.
It is the parent’s choice if they want to but the product. “There are no true legal grounds to support it, and honestly, everyone has a right to choose. Eating junk food is a life choice and should not be ashamed. It’s also a double edged sword to put forth a ban on ads and could hurt the industry.”(Should junk food) There is no good reason to ban junk food and fast food ads. “Junk food ads should not be banned during children’s programming because it’s the parents who should regulate what their kids eat or watch, not ...view middle of the document...

“If a corporation rightfully purchases advertising time during a program, it is up to them what they advertise. It is not up to anyone else what they can or cannot advertise, as long as it follows the current FCC guidelines for what can be aired during daytime hours.”(Should junk food)
The government should be able to sensor what is on television. ”What has become of America when we feel that the government has the right to regulate what we eat?” (Should junk food) They have slowly been taking away our rights. It’s not right. The founding fathers did not write that the government is able to take away our rights when they please. We live by the laws why shouldn’t they? “Adult America should have the ability to make their choices, and live with the consequences.”(Should junk food) When you make a choice to climb a tree and you fall out of it you should live with the consequences. Does that mean the government should ban trees? Or if you choose to ride a bike and you fall from that bike should the government ban bikes? No, just because it will help maybe 1% of America doesn’t mean the other 99% should suffer.
If the government bans junk food and fast food ads the companies lose money. If they are not making money they will eventually go out of business, if they go out of business people are going to lose their jobs, if people lose their jobs it will not only add to the percentage of Americans living in poverty, which the government is already trying to get rid of, but it will also increase crime rate. If people have no money and there are no jobs available they are going to do what it takes to survive. So by trying to solve possibly one of the smallest problems in America they would be adding to a much worse situation that they are already trying hard to get rid of. If they ban junk food and fast food commercials they are doing much more than just that. That is why I am against banning junk food and fast food ads.

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