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A variety of industries grouped based on similar production processes. The primary industry is the industry that harvests or extracts raw material from nature, such as agriculture, oil and gas extraction. The secondary industry makes products from primary industry. The secondary industry is dominated by the finished products. The tertiary industry is the industry that provides services to its customers. Manufacturing process is the transformation of raw material into finished products. Manufacturing systems integrate man, material and machine. These include assembly lines, batch production, and computer integrated manufacturing. The output of a manufacturing system can be an input for other manufacturing systems, such as automobiles, aircraft, etc. Man, machine, and manufacturing process are often linked together with material handling to move the material from one manufacturing process to the next.
The manufacturing system is the integration of CAD, CAM and CAE. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is a tool to realize product design. CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is used to guide the machining process. CAM can determine the tool path, the dimensions of the raw materials and tools used. CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) is used to analyze all operations of a manufacturing plant, including planning, management, transportation, and storage. Based on the participation of operators, production systems can be divided into three. There are manually operated machine, semi-automated machine and fully automated. In manually operated machine, the operators work without a machine, but using hand tools and manual material handling. In a semi-automated machine, the operators working with machine, but still using manual material handling. Fully automated means all production processes carried out by the machines.
There are several methods of production in manufacturing systems based on the amount of products. Job shop has produced small amounts for specific and customized products. The layouts of facilities used for job shop are fixed position and process layout. A fixed position layout is a production method to assembly products that are too large. In a fixed position layout, operators and equipment are brought to the site where the product will be assembled. A process layout is a type of facility layout which the workstations with similar processes or machines are located together. Process layout can be ideal for the company that produces large volumes of product each day. Batch production is the method used to produce any product in groups (batches). The layouts of facilities used for batch production is process layout. Mass production is the large quantity of production, which the material moves continuously in an assembly line. In mass production, the layout of the facility used is process layout and product layout. Product layouts arrange activities in a line according to the sequence of operations to assemble a product. Each product must have a completely...

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