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Why Marijuana Should Be Schedule I Drugs?

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Any type of drug should be classified as a schedule I drugs or as another scheduled substance. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 was signed by Richard Nixon and it defines schedule I drugs to have a high potential for abuse. There is no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the U.S. for marijuana. There is a lack of accepted safety for the use of the drug under medical supervision. Marijuana should be classified as a schedule I drug. I will tell you why by using three different fallacies which are: personal attack, genetic fallacy and circumstantial ad hominem.
You hear so many cases people dying from accidental overdose. If marijuana becomes legal it won't fall under the Controlled Substances Act. How can marijuana not be a schedule I drugs when there are people who become addict and abuse the drug. They are supposedly evidence that marijuana can be used for medical issue. A person just takes this advantage that it does help out. They don't want to accept the bad side and accept that they are ill. Taking this drug can probably just help out few hours of relief from anything. Once a try it can become an addiction for a long time and difficult to get away from it. There are side-effect in long or short-term of using marijuana.
There are reasons for people want marijuana to be legal so it can benefit that person. The state governments are liars and robbers; you should not believe what they are telling you. The government is just telling you that it is fine to smoke some because at the end it will benefit them. By the money it is making for selling marijuana the government will see is that it is boosting the economy. Making business from the marijuana, the government will save on prohibition costs and tax revenue. People will become attached to the money and beginning stealing like any person who works for the government. The salaries will raise and more people will be added to the number of people dying from this drug. Of the high potential of abuse people will become if it does not become considering as schedule I drugs. The fallacy I am using to prove my case that marijuana should be classified is the personal attack ad hominem. The book defines personal attack as, “thinking a person's defects refute his or her beliefs.” (211). The way I am using this fallacy by attacking by giving a negative feature. That government is a liar and a stealer, no one believes people who are liars they can't be trusted and specially if they steal from it and use it for their beneficial.
There are no plants on Earth express disapproval than...

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