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Why Marry When Try It Before You Buy It Is An Option?

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In the past fourteen billion years, the world has evolved numerous times. From creatures’ extinctions to the rise of technology, the world is constantly on a path of changes. And, even though not all events have been pleasant experiences, humans have definitely had the chance to learn from those happenings: one example being, marriage and its effects on family development. Since the beginning of time, open relationships between people, one reason being for the purpose of reproduction, have existed. It is simply part of human nature to bond with others; human instinct. History also shows that legal contracts did not tie up the first relationships during the Stone Age. However, due to society, ...view middle of the document...

This means that marriage was mainly perceived as an agreement of some sort between a male and a female (Garrett 446; Staub 1). Most of those marriages were forced and arranged without the female’s consent (CITATION).
In some cultures, matrimony meant a monetary exchange, where the male was paid to marry a woman, also known as dowry, whereas the woman was the husband’s property (Garrett 449). In another era, marriage meant that the husbands had the right to beat and rape the wives (Garrett 449). In fact, most U.S. states had “Head and Master” laws until the 1950’s, which gave husbands final authority over the wives, therefore, husbands had the right to decide where the women lived, if women were allowed to borrow money, and if the women could work outside of the homes (CITATION).
To make matters worst, matrimony, at one point, was used as a form of punishment for sexual activity; “a closer look at marriage's past reveals a more complicated portrait” (Murray 1). “Marriage has been used—and, importantly, continues to be used—as state-imposed sexual discipline. Until the mid-twentieth century, marriage played an important role in the crime of seduction. Enacted in a majority of U.S. jurisdictions in the nineteenth century, seduction statutes punished those who ‘seduce and had sexual intercourse with an unmarried female of previously chaste character’ under a ‘promise of marriage’ (Murray 1).
Meaning that the perpetrators had lawful power over their victim, even after having committed a crime. The idea of this scenario being the reason for a marriage simply seems insane (Murray 6,7).
Furthermore, it was rare to find love amongst marriages, only adding to the misery of the people, in particular to the women involved in the relationships (Garrett 450; Murray 6,7; Staub 1). On the other hand, women had to put up with the husbands’ extramarital intercourse relationships (Kuby 279). And while the decades advanced, the underlying message stayed the same; “a successful marriage requires hard work and personal sacrifice, particularly on the part of women” (Kuby 279). Consequently, creating longer-lasting matrimonies, even in those cases where injustice existed (Kuby 279). On the other hand, reflecting the mentality of...

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