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Why Medicine Essay

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If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up any time before the last 5 years, I would have replied with either a math teacher or a basketball player. Never would I have said that I wanted a career in medicine. And never would I have thought that there was a profession that could encompass both.
Although I was pretty good at science, my favorite subject was math. I was always the best in math and I loved the feeling of dissecting complex problems, and trying different methods and techniques to eventually get to the right answer. To me, math problems were like a puzzle and I had the tools to figure them out. Medicine is a lot like math in that every patient is the puzzle and it is the ...view middle of the document...

Volunteering at various hospitals, contributing my time to helping others through community service, and seeing how a small deed can give another individual so much happiness gave me a more gratifying feeling than a math problem ever could. Additionally, being a short, skinny Indian dude was not helping my chances of becoming a professional basketball player. Although I was not blessed with a lot of height, I was blessed with a lot of heart. And for these reasons, I soon realized that that there was only one profession for me. This is when I fell in love with the idea of going into medicine. To me, practicing medicine is one of the noblest things an individual can do and going to medical school will provide me the tools to one day become the best physician I can be.
I had the pleasure of experiencing the aspects of teamwork and problem solving in medicine first hand when I shadowed Dr. Nanan Dixit, a physician practicing internal medicine. This experience provided me with so much more than I expected. Dr. Dixit allowed me to observe how he conversed with his patients and diagnosed their conditions. Most patients were over the age of 55 and suffering from various symptoms of conditions such as back pains, high cholesterol, recent heart attacks, and diabetes. After listening attentively to the symptoms each patient was experiencing, he would often leave the room and consult his associates and call other physicians to discuss the possibility of a potential illness or condition that he thought the patient had. After brief discussions, he would conduct minor examinations and order laboratory tests to confirm the illness. For...

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