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Why Member Of The European Union Are Still Interested In Joining The Eurozone

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The European Union (EU), an economic union between 28 member states in Europe, has recently suffered its first serious complication since its creation, labelled as the “Euro Crisis.” Some of the Eurozone members have serious debt problems, which have disturbed the rest of the EU. Despite, the current problems facing the euro, Latvia is still planning to adopt the single currency in 2014. Herman Van Rompuy (2013) acknowledged that the Eurozone is still a club that has a queue, not for the exit but at the entrance. Is it really a good idea for Latvia to sign on for membership in Europe’s troubled currency union? This essay will analyse the rationales why some EU member states like Latvia are still interested to join the Eurozone. Firstly, it will start with a short history of the euro to fill in any background informations. Secondly, the problems that the euro are facing, followed by the benefits of the euro. Furthermore, it will identify the Baltic countries and look over the convergence criteria met by Latvia. On top of that the reasons why should Latvia adopt or not the Euro and terminating with a conclusion, which emphasise the adoption of the euro by Latvia.

The Single European Monetary was seeking bond with the fragmented national markets into an integrated whole. The single currency is a complement to the single market. Napoleon actually mentioned in a letter to his brother Louis on the 6th of May 1807 that he is seeking one currency for the whole Europe due to him believing that it will make trading much easier and he was not wrong (Nello, S. 2012). The euro first came into existence in 1999, but the money only started to circulate in January 2002. This occasion represented the ultimate phase of a long journey and the realisation of the accomplishment of European integration. The EU has developed the single market through standardised system of laws that apply in all member states. Eleven of the fifteen EU member states joined the Economic and Monetary Union in 1999 and introduced a single currency called the “euro” in agreement with the terms and conditions of the Maastricht Treaty. However, Greece was not allowed to join until later on due to them not meeting the criteria required. Regardless, some EU member states Sweden, Denmark, and United Kingdom have decided to not adopt the euro and keep their national currencies. In 2004, the EU members enlarged and included smaller nations such as Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Romania, Bulgaria in 2007. Only Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Cyprus, and Malta adopted the euro currency, while the other countries had some difficulties adjusting. In 2007/2008, the Eurozone was pushed into recession due to the global financial crisis. Countries like Greece started to face some huge money problem and trust issue. As international creditors began to realise that Greece might not be able to repay the debts acquired. In December 2009, Greek...

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