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Why Men Are More Depressed Than Women Psychology Research Paper

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Geokeba Bobb Bobb 1
Professor Lara Beaty
SYF 101
June 12, 2016
Sometimes as men we would feel as though we need to keep our emotions inside. We feel
as though we have to be strong in every situation and before you do anything else don't cry!
Today I'm going to talk about depression in men and how we can understand it better. Also what
do men usually do to cope with their depression? This is an important topic that needs to be dealt
with so that we can help and encourage men better than we do now. In the article “Depression in
men” by Robinson Lawrence, Melinda Smith, M. A, and Jeanne Segal. I found that when men
are going through depression they would sometimes withdraw themselves from people and
would tend to do things alone. This article also speaks of what usually triggers depression in men
whether its stress at work, a family tragedy, reaching your goals in life and finally Marital
problems. Which would trigger certain habits and emotions like smoking, sex, anger, and
drinking. Which I found to be very interesting and true at the same time.
Which brings me on to my next reading which is the Identity Status Activity by R.
Josselson. I decided to read page 5 the middle paragraph of Alice’s story. In that story Alice is at
her college graduation where she meets a man named Richard who she decides to marry 2months
Bobb 2
after her college graduation. During that relationship she found Richard to be very violent,
frequently unemployed and an alcoholic. Because of Richards actions Alice left their
relationship. Sometimes when men are depressed the way they decide to cope with it can either
help or destroy them. Many men in our society would pick up these things like alcohol thinking
it's helping them but in the end it just makes their depression even worse which brings me to my
next topic which is suicide.
Research has shown a strong increase in men suicide then female suicide and the question
is why? (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2016) And the answer for that question is that most women are more
open to share what they're going through then some men who would tend to keep all his
emotions inside. So women would receive better help because there coming out with it and
making known what there going through and they would receive the help that they need. Most
men on the other hand were raised not to show emotion they have been plagued by the saying
“real men don't cry” and the most famous saying “Man up”. This causes men to grow up not
sharing there feelings and would tend to hold everything inside. Just like a balloon when you fill
it up with too much air it eventually pops. Both men and women at times would feel depressed.
But men can encounter it differently than a women. Men would be more likely to feel weary and
anxious, and lose interest in their job or studies. They may experience more sleepless nights than
women who would battle depression. And even though women are most likely to attempt suicide,
men are...

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