Why Men Earn More Money Than Women

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I think the most important reason that women earn less is that a few decades ago women did not receive equal education on the higher level and I think that affect the deferens in salaries today, and here is why. 35 to 15 years ago when we had a less equal society, more women made career choices which at the time was considered the norm for women, for example, almost all women were expected to have children and stay at home with the children and take care of the house, while men were expected to work and make a career, and that affected their chance of both getting a job and getting a good salary. Most men made a career had a higher salary while a big minority of the women became housewives ...view middle of the document...

So even though they may have the same years of schooling, the different choices they have made about their majors lead them to working in different areas and getting paid differently. It is so because of what society expected of women some years ago. Secondly, men and women have different expectations about work. For example, if women expect down the road to take time off to raise children, they will make different choices today about what kind of skills they acquire than if they imagine they will be working full time for the rest of their lives. And we know, historically, that many women in the 1980s and 1970s did not imagine that they would be working full time at the age of 40-50 and ended up making choices that led them to have jobs that did not pay as well as it might have otherwise. Younger women today, of course, are more likely to imagine themselves working at age 40 and, therefore, make different investments today. In The 1970s and the 1980s most men was expected to work to support a family and made career choices that paid better than they would if they fought they would be a “stay at home parent” or help more at home.
Another major difference between working men and working woman is full-time jobs against part-time jobs. Women are much more likely than men to work part time while men are more likely to work at a full time job. A part time job, even for the same kinds of jobs tends to pay less than a full-time job. And women tend to prefer a part-time job more than men because women still tend to take on the majority of the responsibility for children and the home. This of course is because of how men and women were raised and what the expectations they had.
Finally, men and women differ in terms of their tenure on the job of the way in which their careers get interrupted. As mentioned earlier, women were and are expected to have children and then to stay at home with the children and that affected their salaries in a negative faction.
So we put these four things together, what we get...

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