Why Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Kelvin High English Essay

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Why Minimum Wage Should Be Raised
As stated by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms everyone has, “The right to live and to seek employment anywhere in Canada.” With that being said, many employees are not satisfied with our minimum wage. According to my survey, 32/35 students from Kelvin High School considers that minimum wage should be higher. In fact, have you ever considered that our government is not paying us the right amount of minimum wage? Our minimum wage must be increased. Since our cost of living is growing, the prices of our commodities are increasing and lastly, for our low income workers to dig out of poverty in our society.
The cost of living can get very expensive. In Manitoba our minimum wage is $11 an hour and many think that it is not enough for our expenses. In reality we have electricity, house, cars, insurance, and a lot of bills to pay for. However if we are not getting paid enough in our salaries, we are going to have debts to pay. In fact, Manitoba has the second highest tax rate in Canada consuming 13% of GST and PST sales taxes. These taxes are a lot to pay for, and if we earn more, we would not have to worry about our taxes because we are receiving more salary. Besides, by having a higher income we get to save more money for other purposes.
Have you ever thought about why things in life are getting more and more expensive nowadays? It is called the Inflation. The inflation deals with the increasing in prices of goods. At this time, the prices for commodities are raising annually. While minimum wages raise once every three years. Our minimum wage has to increase in order to keep up with the price inflation. Food and gas can also get very expensive to its extent that we use most of our money for our goods. As a result, to be able to afford these, we need to have a higher income that can supply our commodities and help us with the rest of our needs.
Charles Darwin once wrote, “If the misery of the poor be caused not by the laws of nature, but by our institutions, great is our sin.” This quote tells us, that poverty is not caused by the natural resources however is...

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