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Why Music Therapists Should Be Employed In Every Hospital

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Lyric analysis – Lyric analysis is a popular music therapy method, defined as the expansion from existing song or lyrics to any broader use. Sometimes two songs are chosen, and patients are asked to compare both the similarities and differences in musical style, timbre, lyrical content, levels of emotion, kind of emotions, and ways of expressing those emotions. Songs mark many solid memories from important life events, and the music may improve a person’s ability to look back over their life. Either with patient preferred music or songs that address topics to focus on, lyric analysis may be used to facilitate life review and reminiscence.

Songwriting/Lyric convergence – Another form ...view middle of the document...

Generally, the instruments used are exceptionally simple instruments, to guarantee optimistic music-making experiences. To name a few: tambourines, hand bells, digital pianos, and xylophones. When a music therapist is deciding which instruments to use, they have many aspects to contemplate. Is the goal to explore various instruments? Perhaps strengthening particular physical needs?

Therapeutic music improvisation – This process is designed to create a connection between the client and therapist, while giving the patient an opportunity to develop creativity and express freedom. The patient has a chance to completely create his or her own song, melody, or rhythm. Discussion of purely musical factors can later lead to general issues in a counseling process.

Movement to music – Movement to music is the physical use of the body with the incorporation of music. This may be stretching, exercising, movement games, and even dancing video games. If patients are withdrawing or adjusting to new medications, exercising can help them get out of their negative or obsessive thoughts. They can stretch while listening to soothing music, move around to upbeat music, or even play Just Dance.

Multisensory use of music – This therapeutic application integrates activities that stimulate basic senses. One tool that has gained recent attention is the Aroma Drum, an instrument combining the enhancing benefits of music therapy and aromatherapy for a relaxing and healing system. Certain children books have been updated and put to a melody, so that it is sung rather than read. These are also useful tools. Additionally, several iPad and iPhone apps have been developed to aid music therapists with fun, interactive games. Music videos can be watched, and be integrated into further uses of lyric analysis.

Music games – Numerous games can be manipulated to effortlessly weave music therapy into fun, structured competitions. Traditional games like hot potato and musical chairs are popular, but substitutions have been made in pastimes such as telephone, heads up seven up, and bingo to incorporate musical aspects.

Music listening – one of the preferred approaches to music therapy is listening. Patients giving active attention to songs can accomplish many necessary goals. Sometimes continuous music is played live to elevate or reduce a level of stimulation in the listener, beginning at a level that mirrors that of the patient, and concluding at a desired level of stimulation, as determined by the therapist. Another popular music listening activity is imagery visualization. Individuals listen to an orchestral excerpt, and are asked to draw or write a description of what they visualized during the music listening. Patients are also encouraged to bring their own music to promote positive memories, self-concept, the release of emotions, and self-expression.

Singing – Singing has very remedial benefits. It can be used to teach and recall...

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