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Why Napoleon Can Come To Power A Second Time?

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After War of the Sixth Coalition, the defeated Napoleon was exiled to the island of Elba, while the victorious Coalition sought to redraw the map of Europe at the Congress of Vienna. Bourbons re-ruled France. Many people think Napoleon is in a hopeless situation, but why Napoleon can come to power a second time?
At first, Napoleon can win the honor to the French people, but bourbons cannot. At that time, France status straight decline in the world; Russia, Germany, Spain and British want to carve up the territory of Poland. In the reign of Napoleon, French people formed the habit of enjoying the honor, but French performance at the Vienna Conference cowardice makes the people expressed dissatisfaction with their government. When Napoleon escapes from the island of Elba, almost all French people support him. They think Napoleon can bring them honor and trophy. In this way, Napoleon did not use any war to win this restoration. Although Napoleon was beaten by War of the Sixth coalition, Napoleon still has a great prestige among the people. When Napoleon restoration, he successive wins a few games, sparked the honor of the French people, to consolidate his position in France. If someone doubts that why Napoleon can come to power a second time, he brings honor to the whole French people is the first reason.
Second, Napoleon is a wise leader, but Louis 18 is a fatuous king. When Napoleon was defeated, bourbons re-ruled France. In order to make up for their losses during the reign of Napoleon, Louis 18 start his high taxes and extravagant ruling. Compared to the reign of Napoleon, Louis 18 makes economic downturn, prices improve, and French people cannot live a normal life. Throughout whole France, there are lots of uprising and revolts. Dark Age of feudal rule start again, everyone wants a normal life. That gives Napoleon opportunity to win the support from French people. When the reign of Napoleon, the French economic recovery, militarily strong, tight system, highlighting the achievements of scientific research, and constantly consolidate the dominant position of France in Europe, making the French people proud of him. When bourbons re-ruled, economic malaise, the military weak, chaotic system, high tax rates, people's lives miserable, the French position in Europe declined. The swallow at the Vienna meeting which makes French people full of ashamed makes whole French cannot stand the weak government. That is the second reason that why Napoleon can come to power a second time.
The last, Napoleon has military and senior figures in...

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