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Why Ncaa College Athletes Should Get Paid

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College Athletes are some of the most popular sports spectacles under professional rankings. The overall involvement in their respected sports bring their college a sufficient amount of revenue and publicity. This brings up the question “Should College Athletes get paid?” The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) makes no less than 800 million dollars a year off of college sports and the athletes do not get a single dime from it. The problem is not with money distribution as the University of Alabama brings in an average of 28 million dollars a year in just ticket sales. The question now is how it should be incorporated, how each sport’s income be divided, why they should receive ...view middle of the document...

In order to do this, universities should give the effect of the payment of college athletes a couple of years notice. That way the administrations can carefully divide money and priorities of the future.
The next way that the incorporation of the payment of college athletes should be achieved is by performing it efficiently. Although with almost all task, the objective of performing something efficiently usually goes without saying, the necessity of this being emphasized in this particular scenario is crucial. If the incorporation of payment of athletes is not incorporated soundly, many issues can arise, resulting in a situation worse than the beginning predicament. One way that the efficiency of the incorporation of paying college can be done successfully is by the administrations at universities putting into consideration giving these athletes a contract. By doing this, they will be giving each athlete a distinct type of terms and conditions, with that being done, responsibility will fall hard on the athletes. That way the can actually be treated as they ask. The college athletes want to be paid like a working employee so they should be treated like such. By doing this, they are given the same abiding rules as someone in a professional contract.
If the NCAA does eventually grant student athletes the rights to get paid, a quality that should be taken into consideration when proceeding forth with the initial plan for the success of the payment of athletes is why they should receive income. College athletes deserve to be paid and there are a number of reasons why. Many people only know the glamour of sports in which the athletes get publicized and idolized. But they do not know the struggles that the athletes face in the dorms such as struggles acquiring food. What people fail to realize about most college athletes, is that although these “brutes” have a tough exterior that they are respected for, they are still just kids. Some athletes are living unhealthy lifestyles of just eating ramen and other unhealthy things just because that is all they can afford. People do not realize that when someone cannot either cook or afford money for food to cook, they are left to struggle and adapt to their current lifestyle by any means necessary. This brings up another point under the athletes struggle to acquire food in college and that is that college athletes often suffer the sad reality of not being able to afford many things. The previous statement reinforces the point that there is not much left to do in life for food when the only options college athletes have are simply cancelled out.
Another reason why college athletes deserve to get paid comes from their hard work and diligent work habits. These college athletes work really hard for their position in their respected sport and when they are injured or they do not make it as a professional, it is almost as if they have no legacy whatsoever from that school leaving them with nothing. This is the sad...

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