Why Media Is Termed "Consciousness Industries"? How The Media Construct Social And Political Attitudes That Influences An Individual's Perception Of Their Social World? Discuss With Examples.

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What is the thing or person that everyone must get access to everyday? It is probably not your parents or your friends, but the media. Teenagers listen to pop music and read magazines so that they will have same topic with their friends. Middle-aged people read newspapers to know about the current affairs. The elderly are entertained through watching soap operas. Through various forms of media such as television, newspaper, magazine, internet, radio, film, advertisement, music and video games, people get to know about what is happening around us and it facilitates communication. To have a deeper understanding of media, this essay concerns itself with examining why media will be termed "consciousness industries" and followed by that, it will discuss how the media construct social and political attitudes and values with examples. It will also look at the influence that this has on an individual's perception of their social world.Media is termed to be "consciousness industries" and it is not the same as any other industries. Like any other industries, media helps the advertisers sell products and services to its potential consumers. However, other than that, the media sells something else that is intangible but more fundamental to its audience and that is ways of thinking, seeing and talking about the world around us. The conception of the world that we gain through media has a great impact on what we think, how we think and what we think about and thanks to this reason; media is called "consciousness industries" and it does play an important role in constructing social and political attitudes and values. (Graeme Turner and Stuart Cunningham)As I have mentioned before, social and political attitudes and values are constructed by the media and it is closely related to the impact of ideology. Ideology can be defined as the influence of ideas on people's beliefs and actions. The concept can be divided into two strands: the neutral conception of ideology and the critical conception of ideology. The neutral conception of ideology refers to the "science of ideas" while the critical one regards ideology as "false consciousness" which means powerful groups are able to control the beliefs and actions of the powerless by dominating the ideas circulating in the society. As a result, the powerful groups of people can keep their power and their status can be justified and strengthened. (Giddens A. 2001) Take television as an example to prove this. Television is a common appliance which every household would probably have one. Everyday, there are thousands and thousands of different sorts of television programs like news roundup, soap operas, commercials, films and music videos broadcast and the information is sent to every household. In this situation, audiences who sit in front of the television everyday are assumed that they are primarily powerless in the face of television messages and after the continuous repetition of programs, people's conception...

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