Why Nonprofits Should Ditch Old Fashioned Professional Development

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We’ve all been there: An uninspiring, mind-numbing training intended to expand our expertise. Despite management’s good intentions, the workshop doesn’t provide any useful information. Nonprofits continuously fall into this mundane trap of offering the same seasonal workshops. It’s time to shake up the traditional idea of professional learning.

The right training can positively impact an organization’s growth. A team equipped with the latest knowledge can improve program outcomes, increase community engagement, and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Your nonprofit’s staff members deserve the benefits of great professional development.

So, how can nonprofits break free from their old routines? Here are four key factors organizations should consider:

1. Relevance
Out with the old, in with the new. Employees want solutions to their most pressing needs. Comprehensive trainings are not catering to your team members’ demands. Instead, offer specific resources that will help staff to solve present-day challenges. In return, your team will be well prepared to respond quickly to community concerns.

Take the targeted approach. With a simple Wufoo form, survey your employees about their pain points. Incorporate the manager’s feedback from recent performance reviews. Follow up with co-workers about comments submitted in the suggestion box. Use this data to develop classes that will move the organization forward.

2. Experience
Show, don’t just tell. Immerse staff members into the problem-solving process. Guide them through the steps it takes to move from point A to point B. Give workers a backstage view of how to handle particular situations in the workplace.

In order to change behavior, you must give appropriate examples. After the slide-show presentation on effective fundraising, show...

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