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Why Not A Career In Nursing?

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I have always known that someday I will be a nurse. Both of my grandmothers were nurses, along with two of my aunts, and my cousin. My father's mother is who I most frequently talk to about being a nurse, because I live very close to her and see her often. Unfortunately, my mother's mother passed away when I was six years old and I never got to talk to her about it. However, what I do know about her life as a nurse is that she worked in the infirmary at Longwood in the 1970's.
Another reason that nursing is a good fit for me is that I have always excelled in math and science. My family has encouraged me to appreciate math and science as a way of helping people. I admire science the most; it's my favorite subject. I enjoyed biology and chemistry, but the most interesting classes I've taken are anatomy and physiology. It amazes me how sophisticated and complex the body is constructed all starting with a simple cell and building into highly-functioning systems that are in constant communication with each other throughout life.
Along with that, I am happiest when I am helping someone. For example, when someone in my family is sick I take on a nurse role and tend to them to help them feel better. I give my mother and father back rubs when they are aching and in pain. If someone get's a cut I help them clean it and bandage it. If someone is upset or if they're angry I will talk to them and try to make the situation better. It's second nature for me to want to aid people whether it is physically or mentally. Someone in need always seems to find me or I find them.
A few months ago my brother, Bentley, was very sick. He was in and out of the hospital for weeks-- they diagnosed him with osteomyelitis and staph aureus. An infection in the bone caused by bacteria, osteomilitis eventually infected his shoulder and knees. In addition, staph aureus, a bacterium, infected his blood. He had a temperature that reached 105 degrees, a rash on his arms and legs, he was vomiting, sweating, and didn't have an appetite. The doctors prescribed intravenous antibiotics, which is a way of getting the medication straight into his blood via his vein. They administered the medication through a PICC line, which is a peripherally inserted central catheter. After a few days of watching his progress, the medical professionals were ready to send him home.
The doctor assigned him a home nurse, Griff. He was to visit to instruct us (the caregivers) in properly administering the intravenous medication and instruct us in caring for the PICC line which included precise cleaning of the connector cap and flushing with saline and heparin solution. The nurse also taught signs and symptoms of infection complication and safety with infusion and activity. Labs and...

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