Why Not Allow Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports?

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How many athletes are using and not getting caught or taking a new design of the supplement that’s not yet detectable by testing? This is a huge problem in sports today with all PED’s not being banned it limits the testing of unique or complicated PED’s which are created on a daily basis. That leads to believe that rules should be established to allow and monitor some Performance Enhancing Drugs so athletes will have the choice of utilizing the same benefits that some have been reaping the rewards from.
So what are PED’s? They are hormones, amphetamines, steroids, stimulants or any other drug used to increase performance. They work by reducing the time it takes to recover from a hard workout. The preferred PED’s are anabolic (muscle building) and androgenic (masculinizing). People often take different combinations of steroids to achieve the desired result. Doping is another enhancer by the means of injection or a transfusion of synthetic or real blood. Most athletes are stuck with the decision to try PED’s or get in shape the old fashion way. It’s understandable why there’s so much pressure for an athlete to choose to go natural when there are so many more options to give the upper hand.
Athletes are taught at a very young age to capitalize on any advantage they have over their opponent at will, the right matchup can hurt or help an individual or team. Athletes today are getting an advantage with the use of banned substances instead of streamlining their nutrition or workout regimen to give themselves the best chance to succeed. However, when being responsible for not only your own earnings, it adds pressure to perform at full capacity and for some; they will look for at advantage at any cost. For example, in the article, “Sports and Drugs”, it’s stated by William Roberts that “The difference between first and fifth place is the difference between fame and money and relative anonymity.”(Jost). No one wants to come in second place that’s for sure, but how one wins is very important also. So, why not give everyone the choice of using controlled doctor prescribed PED’s? Would everyone follow the rules and abide by the PED’s that are allowed in their sport if this were possible, of course not. An option to combat this is to make the penalties very heavy handed by banning two years for first offense, and life for the second. This may be the only way we can avoid designer PED’s from hurting our professionals or the adolescents that look up to them as role models.
Most people think when PED’s are mentioned, it’s only associated with just professional athletes using them. This is far from actuality with individuals who want to improve appearance or performance also. Along with professional athletes, the users include amateurs, models, and actors who take PED’s not realizing that without proper care they can be deadly. Most professionals have access to medical staff or doctors who can administer these drugs and monitor their behavior for the side...

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