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Why Open Adoption Is Better For You

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“We should not be asking who this child belongs to, but who belongs to this child.” (Gritter; image) Open Adoption is a form of adoption that lets birth parents stay in contact with the adoptive family in varying forms: from just sending mail and/or photos, to face-to-face visits between birth and adoptive families. The adoptive parents hold all the rights as the birth parents. Even though parents are giving the child up does not mean they do not care for the child, it could mean that they were not able to afford having a baby and instead of abortion they choose adoption. Sometimes parents still want to care for and see the child so they choose open adoption. It allows the birth parents to keep in contact with the adoptive parents and the child throughout their life. When having an open adoption the child will know that they were not abandoned and are cared for more than they would have been.
You should choose Open Adoption because if parents were not able to afford having a baby they put it up for adoption, giving the child a better life but wanting to be apart of it still. Not only can that but the reason for giving the child up, it could be for many other reasons. For example, in doing my research on adoption I came across a mother who was raped and was sent away by her family so she could not “shame” them. She was put into a home for a while and when released they were known as “born again virgins”. Also, she was warned not to tell anyone of what happened to her while she was there.. Many years later she realized why she kept her son a secret for 22 years. The reason for her shame was because she was violated from having something precious taken without her consent and for not being able to not do anything. She was not thrilled of what had happened to her so she rarely spoke about it.
In other cases, some young adults are incapable of taking care of a baby so instead of abortion they choose open adoption, because they still want to be apart of the baby’s life. There was a show, that started a few years ago, called ’16 and Pregnant’. It showed viewers how difficult it is for some young adults to have a baby of their own when they are still being cared for by their parents. On this show there was a couple who barely was able to afford things for themselves so having the baby with them was going to be a hard task. Although it was difficult for the couple to do, they did put the baby up for adoption. They wanted to be apart of their baby’s life so they choose open adoption. The adoptive parents would send the birth parents pictures of their baby growing up. It was hard for them not to be able to actually be there for her but they knew it would give their baby a better life.
An important reason why Open Adoption is better for you is because when adoptive parents keep in contact with the birth parents the child will see that they weren't abandoned and are being cared for better than they would have been if they stayed with their birth parents. If...

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