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Why Our World Is Going To Be Extinct Gcse Paragraph

835 words - 4 pages

{['abandon', 'leave']],
[['abbreviate', 'shorten']],
[['abode', 'dwelling']],
[['abrupt', 'sudden']],
[['abundant', 'plentiful']],
[['accommodation', 'room']],
[['accurate', 'correct']],
[['adversity', 'misfortune']],
[['aggressive', 'pushy', 'quarrelsome']],
[['altitude', 'height']],
[['amiable', 'friendly']],
[['ample', 'plentiful']],
[['animosity', 'hatred']],
[['annual', 'yearly']],
[['anonymous', 'nameless']],
[['anticipate', 'expect']],
[['apparel', 'clothes']],
[['apparition', 'ghost']],
[['arrogant', 'proud, haughty']],
[['assembly', 'gathering']],
[['assistance', 'help']],
[['astonishment', 'surprise']],
[['attired', 'dressed']],
[['audacity', 'impudence, insolence']],
[['austere', 'severe']],
[['avaricious', 'greedy']],
[['beverage', 'drink']],
[['brief', 'short']],
[['catastrophe', 'disaster']],
[['cautious', 'careful']],
[['cease', 'stop']],
[['celebrated', 'famous']],
[['centre', 'middle']],
[['chivalrous', 'gallant']],
[['circular', 'round']],
[['colossal', 'huge']],
[['commence', 'begin']],
[['compel', 'force']],
[['comprehend', 'understand']],
[['conceal', 'hide']],
[['Word', 'Synonym']],
[['conclusion', 'end']],
[['conversation', 'talk']],
[['countenance', 'face']],
[['courageous', 'brave']],
[['courteous', 'polite']],
[['deceive', 'mislead, cheat']],
[['deficiency', 'shortage']],
[['demonstrate', 'show']],
[['denounce', 'condemn']}
[['deride', 'mock']],
[['desert', 'forsake']],
[['despise', 'scorn']],
[['detest', 'hate']],
[['diminish', 'lessen']],
[['diminutive', 'small']],
[['disperse', 'scatter']],
[['drowsy', 'sleepy']],
[['dubious', 'doubtful']],
[['edible', 'eatable']],
[['elude', 'escape']],
[['Word', 'Synonym']],
[['eminent', 'famous']],
[['encircle', 'surround']],
[['endeavour', 'attempt']],
[['energetic', 'active']],
[['enormous', 'huge']],
[['excavate', 'dig']],
[['exhibit', 'show']],
[['extravagance', 'waste']],
[['fatigue', 'weariness']],
[['ferocious', 'fierce']],
[['frigid', 'cold']],
[['generous', 'kind']],
[['gleaming', 'shining']],
[['gorgeous', 'beautiful, splendid']],
[['gratitude', 'thankfulness']],
[['grave', 'serious']],
[['gruesome', 'horrible']],
[['indolent', 'lazy']],
[['industrious', 'busy']],
[['infuriated', 'angry']],
[['Word', 'Synonym']],
[['inquire', 'ask']],
[['insane', 'mad']],
[['insolent', 'cheeky']],
[['intention', 'purpose']],
[['interior', 'inside']],
[['intoxicated', 'drunk']],
[['invaluable', 'priceless']],
[['invincible', 'unbeatable']],
[['isolation', 'loneliness']],
[['jovial', 'jolly']],
[['loathe', 'hate']],
[['lubricate', 'oil']],
[['mammoth', 'huge']],
[['margin', 'edge']],
[['mariner', 'sailor']],
[['matrimony', 'marriage']],
[['maximum', 'most']],
[['mechanism', 'machinery']],
[['melancholy', 'sad']],
[['minimum', 'least']],
[['Word', 'Synonym']],
[['lofty', 'high']],
[['moist', 'damp']],
[['motionless', 'still']],
[['mute', 'dumb']],
[['necessity', 'need']],
[['obstinate', 'stubborn']],
[['odour', 'smell']],
[['omen', 'sign']],
[['option', 'choice']],

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