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Why People Prefer Private School Rather Than Public

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1. Front Matter
1.1. Proposed Title
Why people prefer private school rather than public.
2. Introduction
2.1. Significance/rationale of the study
It is very important to know that why people give importance to private school rather than public because this biasness create a big problem in society. People create a great difference between private and public school. Further, trend of private school is increasing day by day. This trend is developed by upper class. Middle and somehow lower class is following it just to stable their self respect. So why these facilities should not provided in public schools for at the level of middle and lower class because education is ...view middle of the document...

Lower class can also give proper opportunity to their children to get education in way that is adopted in private schools. More aim is too aware the society about the school selection for children. Because school is a place from where career of children is start and selection of school is also select the child future.
2.4. Research objective (s)
The main objective of our study is to check the impact of parent’s view, and background of family behavior towards selection of school. Factors which are effective on parents view are their income, occupation, family size, gender biasness among the children etc. So our objective is to check that these factors actually play a role in selection of school; either it will private or public.
2.5. Research question (s)
In our research we search these questions;
1) Can parent’s income, occupation and status are important in selection of school?
2) To what extent family size and parents attachment with children is change the view of parents towards selection of school?
3) Why gender biasness is still observed in our society in case of education?
4) How family backgrounds select the school of children?
2.6. Delimitations of study
We can do the interview of parents for our study to know what their actual views about school selection, we can also survey of schools and see the children’s achievements with specific view of parents at the time of school selection, but have time issue so we will chose a sample size and fill out from parents.
3. Literature review
In now a day, preference of private schools is increasing rather than public school. In the backend of this issue, there are so many reasons but the main reason is parental view about study and family back ground. So parents are taking interest in selection of school (private or public) for the betterment of their children. To move on the effectiveness and improve the quality of education is due to increasing the involvement of parents in education of their children (Epstein, 1995; Chrispeels, 1996; Scheerens & Boskers, 1997).
The combination of parents and teacher involvement is help to increase better achievement and motivation of students. Partnership is a process in which those involved mutually support each other and use their contributions with the objective of increasing the learning, motivation and development of pupils (Epstein, 1995).
Although they are partners but their responsibilities are different but essential for each other. Both are as partners with their own but also shared tasks and responsibilities (also see Vincent & Tomlinson, 1997; Lueder, 1998; Hall & Santer, 2000; McNamara et al., 2000).
Different variables which are concerned in parental involvement are, education of father and mother, father’s income and occupation, importance of child in family either he/she is dear and near among his/her parents and siblings or not, thinking of parents in context of study, family background etc. “Research on parental involvement...

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