Why People Choose To Work Essay

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Why People Choose to Work

Work is an application of mental or physical effort to a purpose,
which usually earns a wage or salary or provides other rewards, though
some work, like housework remains unpaid. Work is an important element
in occupying and directing the individual's time. The demand of
working life involves a high degree of discipline if jobs are to be

In this assignment I will be considering and explaining the importance
of motivation in the work force and also be interviewing a few people
and then giving details of wages and other rewards for working;
working conditions and other factors that influence their motivation.
I will also review a variety of theories, which categorise workers.

In business, motivation shows how satisfied or dissatisfied people are
at work. Nowadays in the work force motivation is needed to increase
employee output. If employees are motivated, they will be more likely
to achieve business goals. Many people believe that they are motivated
by earning money, but this is not entirely true, because other factors
like variety of workplace and the need to be appreciated for the work
they do. The need to be appreciated for the work they do may be
reflected in the prestige attached to their job, and while the need
for a variety in the workplace may be satisfied by an interesting job.

A factor, which effects motivation, is that every individual has
different needs. For example an employee may prefer to work on his or
her own than in a friendly team. In order to have good motivation
employees needs have to be found. This is shown in how lack of
motivation equals reduced effort and lack of commitment. An example of
how employee's needs could be satisfied is through involving them in
discussions so that they feel recognized and wanted. In the long term
this may result in the employee being willing to work longer hours or
take responsibility.

In 1954Abraham Maslow, proposed a hierarchy of needs to explain human
behaviour. Maslow identified five classes of needs these included
physiological needs, safety needs, and love and belonging, esteem
needs and self-actualisation. The needs, which Maslow identified at
the bottom of the pyramid, are based on basic needs concerned with
survival needs such as eating and sleeping, and these must be
satisfied before a person can go to the next level. For example some
people may be more concerned with basic needs such as food, than
anything else. Although it must be noted that once each need has been
satisfied the ones below become less important, with exception to
self-actualisation at the top, Maslow argued that although everybody
is capable, very few actually reach this level.

AS Economics & Business Johirul Islam

Douglas McGregor had two theories 'theory X' and 'theory Y'.
McGregor's theory X manager believes that an employee dislikes work
and avoid if possible. As a result, theory X workers must be

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