Why People Should Adopt Rather Than Buy A Dog, An Outline

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Kerwin Pasia
Kimbel Westerson
21 March 2014

Adoption of a Dog: Giving a Chance

TOPIC: Why people should adopt rather than buy a dog


SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience to adopt dogs rather than buying
because they are being abused at puppy mills for the pet trade

THESIS STATEMENT: Anyone can always think about buying a dog from a pet store
without knowing the dark secrets, however, the best way to find
a companion is through adoption from a shelter


I. As one might ask, “How much is that doggie in the window?” Dogs have always
been known as being trusty and ideal companions, however, when taking all
things into consideration, is it right to adopt or buy a dog?

II. Imagine a little boy and his mom leaving Wal-Mart with several shopping bags. The
boy is very bored after shopping with his mom. However, he sees a pet store next to
Wal-Mart, and he brightens up. Today, they have pug puppies for sale! Instantly the
boy’s boredom vanishes and he begs his mom to go inside the store. Once inside, an
energetic pug puppy behind the glass wall looks at them with an innocent look.
Immediately, the mom and son fall in love with him and soon, they leave the store
with an exciting purchase. In reality, this isn’t very hard to imagine. In fact, this is an
all-too-common occurrence. (Attention getter)

III. There is another side to this story, especially one that I’ve been familiar with from prior
knowledge gained through research and awareness and of course, being an actual
owner of a pug and several other dogs; the horror begins with dogs being kept in dog
breeding facilities known as puppy mills.

IV. Anyone can buy a dog from a pet store without knowing about the overpopulation and
horrible conditions they face at puppy mills, however, the most responsible way to get a
dog is through adoption from a shelter. (Thesis statement)

V. I’ll explain the horrid issues of puppy mills due to its severe conditions, its underlying
causes, and what practical actions we can do to alleviate these problems. (Preview)

TRANSITION: Conditions only continue to worsen if not resolved for the better.

I. Due to severe conditions within puppy mills, dogs continue to suffer.
A. The sheer existence of dog breeding facilities only worsens the pet overpopulation crisis.
1. The Doris Day Animal League estimated that about 5 million dogs are euthanized by
shelters annually because they can’t find homes for them or they’ve ran out of room.

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