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Why People Should Recycle Essay

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In early times everything was reused, recycled or repaired. There was no such thing as rubbish until the invention of the trash bin. With everything being thrown into trash bins, no one understood what problems landfills would later have with polluted grounds and contaminated surrounding waters.
In the world we live in, pollution is becoming a bigger problem. Most of the materials in landfills are materials that can and should be recycled. Things like, Styrofoam cups and used tires that will never biodegrade and will be around forever. Because of this, many countries have developed recycling programs and manufactures have started to only use recycled materials so that they are able to be recycled, over and over again. Surrounding countries in the world have seen the effects of not recycling and those effects the trash has on poverty stricken countries, like in the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. This landfill has shown the world that lives revolve around the trash being dump off daily. All types of trash are mixed together and dumped off, leaving hundreds of Guajero’s, (trash pickers) to sort and sell items they find within the dump. The items they find are to be sold as a recycled product for cash, or they use what they find as food and shelter. This method is then repeated when the next truck dumps off more trash, just so they can survive and see another day. Because of these devastating events from this city, countries have started to see the importance that recycling has on one’s nation.
Over the years most cities in America have made recycling even easier for residents in their state. All recyclable material, such as plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum and steel cans, paper, and glass bottles and jars, can be put together in a recycling bin, with no need to separate the material. Recycling not only conserves resources and land fill space, it also creates jobs for the community. Recyclables are taken to your local recycling facility, where they are sorted, bailed, and sent to manufactures to be used in new products. Recycling is easy, efficient, and economical. Manufacturing with recycled materials uses less money and energy, with manufacturing with virgin materials.
Before the problems of over following landfills started escalating, people saw a problem with certain materials becoming harder to decompose within these landfills. This has led many people today, to still reuse glass and plastic bottles and jars, for interesting hobby ideas. Many of these ideas can be found on the internet through online searching or YouTube videos. These helpful sites describe what you can do with these empty bottles and cans. Such as, hanging plants in decorative wine bottles or making a fly trap out of a plastic milk carton. Reusing glass bottles and plastic containers for food storage has proven to work perfectly for self-assured families and their knowledge of the environment and affects it has after we throw away our products.
Hobbies and art ideas have...

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