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Why People Should Take Naps Essay

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How come millions of adults take naps? Isn’t napping just for little kids? Wrong. Napping doesn’t only help children; it can also benefit adults too. Napping is like taking painkillers. When you take painkillers, you do not feel the pain that you had earlier. After a while, you forget that the pain was even there and everything goes back to normal. If you do not take the painkiller even though you are in extreme pain, you will suffer and also be distracted by how much pain you are in. The same is with naps. After you take a nap, you do not feel the fatigue you had earlier. You can then continue whatever you were doing before. If you don’t take a nap even though you are exhausted, mentally or ...view middle of the document...

Not only do naps increase productivity, they can also help you deal with stress. Taking a nap during the day is like getting a massage. Both naps and massages have the effect of calming you down. When I came to Oxford, I was not used to getting such an overwhelming amount of homework from so many classes. I was often scared that there was something I did not do or that there was something in my agenda that I overlooked. I did not know how to relieve all of this stress. One day, I was very exhausted, so after school, I went to the library and took a nap. I was just taking a nap to get more energy, but I didn’t know that naps also have the effect of calming you down and relieving your stress. After I woke up, I wasn’t worrying so much. My mind was clear and relaxed, so I could do my homework without being stressed out by other things, such as whether or not I had all A-pluses. This allowed me to do quality work instead of just doing my homework while thinking about something else. Since then, I have always taken a nap after school to clear my thoughts and relax my mind. If it were not for those little catnaps, I never would have been able to deal with my overwhelming amount of stress.
Aside from helping ease stress, naps can also help prevent obesity. Your level of leptin, a hormone that make you feel full, decreases when you lose sleep ( Your ghrelin level, which makes you feel...

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