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Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized?
Even though prostitution is known as one of the oldest profession I human history, it has been always a very controversial topic and a lot of people believe it to be moral. When most people think about prostitution, they think about drugs, diseases, adultery and of course crime. What they do not think about are the benefits of having a legal practice of prostitution in the US.
In the US, around 70 percent of women in jail today are there for prostitution related charge. This means that prostitution happens a lot and every day in this country, and even more shocking, it is happening illegally. Prostitution exists and it would not disappear any time soon. But, what is prostitution? Well, prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.
Even though you think that prostitution does not affect you because you are not using its service, you are wrong. Because it actually does, by bringing in to our society bad thinks, such as; human trafficking, drugs dealing, diseases, woman violence and sex crimes. Furthermore, Roughly 5.5 percent of pimps have a college degree, but the vast majority has not even earned a high school degree. In fact, this means that the people who actually are managing prostitutes in the US should not be capable of doing it. Moreover, it is a fact that countries where prostitution is legal have lower rates on those aspects compared to those country which have not legalized prostitution. For example in Denmark that a woman could be a prostitute as long as it is not its only means of occupation. Canada, France and Mexico and even some parts of Israel allow prostitution.
Also if we want to talk about the ethical and moral part of being a prostitute, which in my opinion prostitution should not being looked down upon. Because there are immoral people in every other profession, such as; doctors, singing prescriptions for drugs, lawyers, priests, police officers and hundred other jobs. If you consider pornography, which is legal at the moment, you can be adult film star and get paid to do a similar activity that you would do with a prostitute,...

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