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Why Public Education In America Is Flawed

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In order for students to reach their full potential America must change its ways regarding public education. America’s public schools, as a whole, America’s public schools are flawed due to many factors; three of the biggest contributing factors being their unreasonably low standards, a less than sufficient number of qualified teaching professionals, and the amount of emphasis placed on standardized tests combined with the lack of emphasis placed skills required to build strong character and responsibility in students.
The first reason America’s public school system is flawed is because of the unreasonably low standards that the students are expected to ...view middle of the document...

Although teaching has become a “second-rate” occupation in the eyes of a large amount of Americans; it is one of the most important occupations in existence. Teachers are some of the hardest working and most selfless people in the workforce and without teachers there could be no other occupations. In his article “No More Silver Bullets: Let’s Fix Teacher Education” Vartan Gregorian says,
“ How is it possible that the United States, which claims to have three-fourths of the world’s finest universities… has in recent years not only lacked qualified teachers but also had to venture beyond its own borders to find them? … A century ago, law, medicine, and school teaching became professions but the status of teaching never rose very high… In this connection we should heed the warning of Louis V. Gerstner Jr. former chairman of IBM and current chairman of the teaching commission… who reminds us, “ We [as a nation] will not continue to lead if we persist in viewing teaching-the profession that makes all other professions possible-as a second rate occupation.” We can no longer close our eyes to the problem of America’s schools of education and the pitiful job most of them do in preparing our teachers.”
This unfair attitude towards the teaching profession needs to be changed, and America’s young people should be encouraged to become teachers in order for America’s public school system to finally change.
The lack of respect and encouragement for the teaching profession is one of the many reasons America’s public schools are flawed. Another reason is because of the extreme emphasis that is placed on standardized tests, and the lack of emphasis placed on learning skills that will prepare...

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