'why Rap Music Sucks' Just A Silly Speach On Nothing. Told To Present A Topic That Will Cause Controvery

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You know what gets me annoyed these days: Music! Where the hell did the human race go wrong with music? These days I can't turn on the radio without hearing some pre-pubescent idiot who won the latest prize on a reality TV show, or some white person pretending to be black! Not only are these people on during radio songs, the DJ's at the station are like "check out deez phat beatz" and there whiter than an albino redhead covered in sunscreen before going out to the beach.Since when do these ignorant white boys want to act like the race they forced into slavery for four thousand years? Now that this absolute rubbish is penetrating the airwaves, and you can't understand half the nonsense they're going on about, but the basic jist of it is about raping teenagers and getting stoned. No rap, no dance, no house, no Eminem, no Enemas, no Dr Dre's, no Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde's, no 2 Pacs, no small Pacs, no small pox, no chickenpox, no moneypox. None of that rubbish. And just to be fair I went to the effort to download an Eminem CD, Marshall Mathers LP. Let me tell you something here, if you haven't bought this CD already, take about $25 out of your wallet and replace your Kleenex with the money the next time you got to the can and it'll be worth the exact same as this CD. One song by Eminem was called "suck My Dick". That was the name of the song, and for some strange reason this just doesn't seem to have the appeal that makes me crave listening to it every minute of the day. It wasn't called "Excuse me, please", or "Do you have a minute". Just "suck my dick." I just can't get my head around it. Here I am busting a gut at the local supermarket for $8.50 an hour while some foul mouthed white gangster from "Da Hood" makes 20 millions dollars off a song called "suck my dick." What sort of message is this sending to the impressionable youths that are actually listening to this garbage?Before they start selling this, and making a complete mockery of the music industry they...

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