Why Recommendations Were Not Achieved? Essay

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The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness was developed to encourage aids to those countries which need it from countries that have resources to provide the aid. The main aim for The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness was to achieve aid effectiveness, to give support for countries that provide aid, and to strengthen their government so they could more productively work and support other. But despite of the fact that this declarations was worked up with due diligence and with aim to work in real life, not only on paper, there are a few points which weren’t achieved. Those recommendations which weren’t achieved mostly were about partnership, monitoring, systems of negotiations and multi-stakeholder mechanism.
The first recommendation of which I would like to look at is about donor imposed policy. This recommendation is framework for collaboration that effects all other fields that are achieved and not achieved after creation of The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The main aim, which is constantly underlined in the declaration, is about that that partner countries and donor countries need to work together to establish mutually agreed frameworks. The donor countries and the partner countries need to work together and reach results that would be satisfying for both sides. The Declaration is created with the aim to not put at the forefront only donor countries, donor countries need to reckon with the partner countries. This relationship between the donor countries and the partner countries is mutual, because, from the partner countries are expected to act just like the donor countries- with the respect of other actions. That is the reason why according to the declaration both sides are agreed to following points, first of all, donors committed to respect partner countries leadership and help strengthen their capacity to exercise it, and second of all, partner countries commit to take the lead in co-ordinating aid at all levels in conjunction with other development resources in dialogue with donors. According to these commitments it would be possible to limit the donor activities as the main policy initiator. But in the real world, these commitments were not achieved. One of the main possible reasons why it wasn’t achieved is that the donor countries have more recourse, so they have ability to control others and to be more powerful in political and economical field. Overall, this idea was good, because it would balance up the relationship between the donors and the partner countries. If both sides would like to balance their relationship and make them to work not only on paper but also in real life, then the donor countries need to take into consideration proposals of the partner countries and the

partner countries need to be a little bit more insistent and come up with more ideas, which would like both sides. They need to think more about the common goal, not about their own benefits.
The second recommendation is about creating...

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