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Why Residential Solar Energy Is A Positive Form Of Progress In Our World Today

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The United States makes up only five percent of the world’s population, however, it uses twenty six percent of the entire world’s energy. Do you think we are responsible energy consumers? Solar energy is an inexhaustible, reliable and responsible energy source. Homes using a solar energy system decrease or eliminate the demand on our limited natural resources. In the near future, we will be challenged with the depletion of these limited resources and we will need to find new energy sources. Residential solar energy is a positive form of progress in our world today because it is free, renewable and environmentally safe.
In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, the most abundant and available energy source is the sun. Once an hour, the Earth receives enough solar energy from the sun to meet its yearly needs for energy. The sun is expected to be a viable source of energy for another 5 ...view middle of the document...

In other words, using residential solar energy reduces energy cost and can even eliminate it. Solar energy is free and creates no pollution or waste products. It runs without the use of other fuels. All that is needed is the equipment to harness and store it. After the cost of such equipment is paid, the only cost is upkeep and repair of the equipment. The energy itself is free. Residential solar energy use is skyrocketing because prices have dropped drastically. The ratio of cost to benefit balances out in a relatively short period of time. Solar energy eliminates the cost of prospecting, drilling and the processing of nonrenewable resources like oil, gas and coal. These savings are passed on to residential consumers as they are no longer added into the cost of their electric bill. The positive effects of using residential solar energy are far reaching.
For example, over the next twenty years a residential solar energy system could save the equivalent of 166 tons of greenhouse emissions, 358, 946 miles of driving a car and the CO2 absorbed by 7732 trees from our environment. Compared to fossil fuel, solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source. Solar energy provides less impact, or footprint, on the environment by using less, large and expensive infrastructures to maintain and create energy. The collection of solar energy is extremely reliable, quiet and low-maintenance. It has no negative effects on water or land environments. No harmful gases or toxic byproducts are produced using solar energy. Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy currently available.

For that reason, solar energy is the wave of the future. It is becoming an attainable energy alternative for homeowners. A free, renewable and environmentally safe way to power your home is residential solar energy. As buying costs keep lowering and electricity costs keep going up, we will reach a crossing point where it will be cheaper to make the switch to solar. Getting our energy from a source that does not pollute our environment or deplete our natural resources is paramount to our survival as a species. The only question I have now is, “When do we start?”

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