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Why Rome Really Fell Essay

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There are so many powerful countries and governments today, but have you ever wondered what were the most powerful ancient empires and what happened to them over the years. The Roman Empire was at once a very flourishing and thriving place to live, but then all of a sudden it began to fall and decline until it was a weak and vulnerable empire. Historians debate the issue of why it declined and eventually fell. They ask themselves the question, what are the main reasons for the fall of Rome? The main reasons for the fall of Rome were their military struggles, political problems, and the disasters they encountered during that time period.
One of the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was the military struggles they encountered. The footsoldiers in the army were lazy and refused to do drills, which then led to their armour seeming to be too heavy to wear so that was abandoned as well ...view middle of the document...

In accordance with the above reasons, Arther Ferrell says in The Fall of the Roman Empire, the reason for Rome's fall was the weakening of the military.
Another one of the main reasons for the fall of Rome was there political problems that they faced within their government. For a span of fifty long years, a series of 22 emperors ruled Rome and each one of them was killed in some violent way (Doc A). Because of the very weak government, the Roman Empire could easily have been invaded and conquered. Foreigners came from many places but especially Asia, where the Huns came, and invaded the Roman Empire (Doc C). The Huns had a very strong presence in the Roman Empire because of their strength and strong threat of invasion (Docs D and E). The Huns were thought to be like animals and were ungovernable (Doc D). In James Burke's television shows he complied with the evidence above in which he states that the government and economy are to be blamed for the fall of the Roman Empire.
Finally, the last of the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire were the disasters they faced. Leading up to the fall of the Roman Empire, the people faced two major natural disasters. The first disaster was an earthquake which then led to a tsunami; thousands of people died and the people were in shock, leaving the Empire in ruins (Doc F). The second natural disaster was the plague that struck the Roman Empire and led to other diseases being spread as well (Doc F). The plague led to a massive decrease in population and the economy also failed and both the disasters left the citizens in fear and therefore they were fearful of the stability of their empire (Doc F). The invasions of the foreigners is also considered to be a disaster because they conquered the Empire and basically left it in ruins (Doc C).
Although people may have different opinions and explanations on the causes of the decline and eventual fall of Rome, there are only a few actual main reasons why it fell. The main reasons for the fall of Rome were their military struggles, political problems, and the disasters they encountered during that time period.

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